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Hyundai Germany

Hyundai Germany


Hyundai Motor Germany has been writing a unique success story since 1991. The German market is very important for the Hyundai Motor Group, which is one of the top five automobile manufacturers in the world. EMAKINA CEE did a soft relaunch of their previous built Kentico website and updated it to version 10.



Hyundai Motor Germany started in 1991 with four models. Today, there are numerous model series, ranging from the medium-sized estate car i40 to the SUV Santa Fe. Hyundai, with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, is among the five largest automobile manufacturers worldwide.


Consequently, the aim to be market leader in the field of quality is being pursued in Germany with measures such as the five-year vehicle guarantee without mileage limit. This is underlined by enhanced customer dialogue via the website and online services. 

Within the framework of the global rollout of the new corporate web style guide, the German Hyundai website was to be updated. EMAKINA Central & Eastern Europe was commissioned with the relaunch in 2014. Since then, EMAKINA CEE takes care of the maintenance of the website.


  • Implementing all of the new design templates according to the Corporate Web Style Guide and all of that with great time pressure 
  • A lot of database migration using different API’s. Therefore EMAKINA needed a flexible CMS that would also serve for future purposes, challenges, and additional functionalities 
  • Focus lay on a state of the art customer dialogue to boost sales, for example, the highly sophisticated car configurator (databases). 
  • Also important were features such as campaign tracking and a simple intuitive administration 


In the course of the global rollout of the corporate web style guide, Seoul defined concrete objectives and a tight time frame for the implementation. “Despite time pressure, we looked at some of the best practices within the company and came upon our Austrian neighbors who have already realized the project,” says Lazarus. The Austrian website was also implemented by EMAKINA CEE and it was fully in accordance with the specifications of the new web style guide. 

Formerly, the content of the German site was administered by a rudimentary CMS, which had been programmed for this purpose. “The user-friendliness of Kentico combined with the comprehensive functionality convinced us”, adds Lazarus. Kentico is based on Microsoft .NET and offers numerous additional modules that go much further than the mere administration of the website contents. Using various templates (e.g., forms, microsite, blogs, and maps), the online community can be better serviced. 

Based on the existing structure, it was possible to optimally utilize the existing databases for the new website. By using standardized web service interfaces it is now possible to centrally administer the databases. Technical specifications of the individual vehicle models, model variations, and the respective accessories can be quickly brought up to date and shown as the latest status on the website. For example, large-scale pictures showing a 360-degree view of the various models on the website have been enhanced. A new view shows all the suitable accessories and their availability for all models. In order to enhance customer interaction, additional contact possibilities have been created (forms, arranging test drives, etc.). 

In autumn 2017, EMAKINA CEE did a soft relaunch of their previous built Kentico website and updated it to version 10.


Due to the fact EMAKINA CEE had in the past gained a lot of experience with the implementation of Kentico especially with different API’s and databases, they were able to meet the customer’s expectations in costefficiency and the ambitious timeline.

Key criteria for choosing Kentico Xperience.

Kentico is EMAKINA CEE’s number one product when it comes to scalability and flexibility. Especially in establishing long-term relationships with their customers, it fits perfectly and is in all aspects a well-prepared choice for the future.

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