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Following the implementation of Kentico CMS platform, the new website has been more productive and feedback has been extremely positive with the remarkable increase in PageSpeed Score (more than 86%) and page load time decreased to six point five seconds from 20 seconds.

decrease in page load time


Launched in California, US in 2009, Clavax always believed in serving more users globally, leading to the expansion of its business at the new office location in Sydney, Australia in 2016. However, Clavax Australia’s website relied on Core PHP platform, which was quite old and faced many performance issues. That’s when the idea of redeveloping the whole website using the ASP.NET Kentico CMS platform emerged. Being a highly flexible platform with an easy-to-use interface, the Kentico platform allows users to edit and update the system anytime, enabling the business to operate effectively and efficiently.


The main motive of the project was simply to revamp the whole website of Clavax Australia using Kentico 10.0 (which was the most current version during the development phase) and retain the current structure of the existing system that was based on Core PHP: 

  • use the flexible Content Management framework of Kentico 
  • avoid higher costs by developing a dynamic website faster 
  • integration of third-party software like Salesforce 
  • multisite management using a single interface 
  • launch the new site with added features of Online Marketing 
  • enable Email Marketing with campaigns and newsletters 


The process of migration from the existing website based on Core PHP to a completely new Kentico CMS platform was not so simple. Some of the crucial issues faced are as follows: 

  • Requirement Gathering - Migration from an existing system to a new platform involves various processes, as the underlying functionality and architecture of two systems are different. Gathering all the resources like PHP page and applications to make it appropriate for the Kentico CMS platform was difficult. 
  • Salesforce Integration - Using Kentico CMS, third-party software integration such as Salesforce can automate the process of moving leads to the sales team, thereby saving time and avoiding manual process errors. However, it is important to use proper procedures and practices to leverage Salesforce effectively as data plays an important part in every business. 
  • HTML Migration - Converting .html pages of a static website based on Core PHP into .aspx pages of the dynamic site using ASP.NET based Kentico CMS is not easy as it needs to be migrated in a proper order considering SEO importance. 
  • CSS Management - While switching over to Kentico CMS, the homepage and main content layouts of the website needs to be adjusted based on CSS template integration to meet the client’s requirements. The system needs to organize CSS into style sheets to style the website accordingly. 


Solutions that were implemented for the successful switch of the website to Kentico CMS platform are as follows: 

  • With the adoption of Kentico, Salesforce has been integrated effectively that allows replication of Kentico contacts into Salesforce organization as leads. This helps the business team to work with leads present within Salesforce itself. 
  • Migrating content from one platform to another through Kentico is done easily with the help of Content staging. Using the feature of ‘Schedule Tasks’, migration was done on hourly/daily basis to enhance productivity with lesser administrative time. 
  • Kentico enables automation processes for marketing actions where tasks like managing contacts, importing to Salesforce, newsletter subscriptions, marketing email, etc. can be automated that users would have done manually. 
  • Kentico helps in providing complete security and privacy, as every module undergoes careful testing that makes the code secured for use. Hence, the risk of being attacked and security break-ins are reduced to a huge extent. 


Clavax Australia is growing rapidly by delivering an exquisite range of web and mobile services exclusively designed for both small and mid-scale businesses. With the launch of a new website using the Kentico CMS platform, the site has been more productive and feedback has been extremely positive. As per the analysis that was done on GTmetrix, the new website has improved performance with a remarkable increase in page speed, faster load times, and many other metrics. CMS helps in the easy content management of dynamic websites where content can be edited whenever required. It also supports marketing functionalities for sending automated mailers, newsletters, etc., which has led to better workflow, performance, and security. 

Site Facts and Statistics: 

  • a more engaged platform to reflect the current market position via an excellent user experience 
  • tremendous increase in PageSpeed Score (more than 86%) after implementing Kentico, which was 70% before 
  • site speed has been improved as the average time to fully load the page has been decreased to 6.5 seconds from 20 seconds 
  • new site performance not only met the project’s goals but exceeds the whole team’s expectations 
  • the average page size is reduced to 2.78 MB by enabling compression and saving space for about 70% HTML or CSS files

Key criteria for choosing Kentico Xperience.

After a thorough evaluation, Clavax Australia selected the Kentico CMS platform as the most suitable one since it supports all the necessary features like E-commerce capabilities, Content Customization, Marketing Platform, etc. The reasons why Kentico CMS was the best option for Clavax Australia are: 

  • flexibility with content customization 
  • integration of third-party and custom components 
  • ease of use for even non-technical users 
  • on-site Editing feature with Admin credentials 
  • better security and privacy with Kentico CMS 
  • hosting on IIS with installation on Azure Virtual Machine 
  • Lead Scoring feature with Marketing Automation 


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