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The existing AEG Powertools website was in need of
a complete redesign and restructure to better showcase
their product range, improve content management
capabilities, and enable a global roll out.



The AEG Powertools brand is part of the TTI Group, along with the Milwaukie and Ryobi brands. They have been developing electronic tools for 100 years and have a global presence. The existing AEG Powertools website was in need of a complete transformation in order to better showcase their product range, improve their Content Management capabilities and enable them to improve their web presence.


AEG Powertools needed to significantly improve the user experience across the website and ensure that it was fully responsive. It was crucial to implement a clear product structure and content delivery. The Kentico setup needed to allow content editors to update the site easily and quickly. As well as this, the website was to be launched in 17 countries and so it needed to be developed in a way that would allow a smooth global roll out.


The existing website architecture was extremely difficult for users to navigate, with no clear structure. A considerable amount of work needed to be carried out to improve the search functionality as this was not limited to products and that meant users were being presented with a large amount of extra information that they were not searching for. 

AEG Powertools wanted to bring their website onto Amazon Web Services, in line with the digital strategy that TTI had in place to consolidate their hosting onto a single platform. 

TTI Group has a centralized product information management system, Agility Multichannel PIM which supplies each brand website with all product data. The new website needed to be integrated with this system so that all product information could be updated from a central point.


MMT Digital completely reimagined the website, in terms of both design and information architecture. The website was developed with a clear structure that has greatly improved the layout of products across the website. Sophisticated search functionality has been implemented that restricts the search to products, making it considerably easier for users to find what they are looking for and from a business point of view, AEG Powertools are assured that their products are getting maximum exposure. In terms of migrating to AWS, MMT Digital was able to leverage their experience gained from a number of previous projects to make adoption of this new hosting platform effortless for TTI. 

As the new website needed to be populated with all product information, it was integrated with Agility Multichannel PIM, which is used by TTI. Due to the experience MMT Digital had with this technology, this was a smooth process. 

As part of the content strategy for the website, MMT Digital incorporated product videos to improve search rankings and to increase visits to the website through Google searches for products. The inclusion of product videos and also the imagery used across the website creates a strong visual impact that effectively promotes the AEG Powertools brand. 

MMT Digital implemented Kentico EMS to enable AEG to maximise their marketing efforts by utilising sophisticated tools such as Content Personalisation and Marketing Automation with the aim of increasing conversions. MMT Digital have expert knowledge of Kentico EMS and provide a consultancy service to clients and so a workshop was held to provide AEG with the tools they need to make the most of the powerful software.


AEG are extremely pleased with the new website and the way in which it has been delivered throughout the project. The collaboration between agency and client has been extremely successful and following the initial launch of the website, MMT Digital will be rolling out the website to a further 17 countries. 

The new website provides an excellent user experience across all devices and the performance of the website is significantly improved.

Key criteria for choosing Kentico Xperience.

  • Flexible Content Management
  • Enterprise standard performance
  • Multi-lingual functionality
  • Flexibility in integrating with third-party systems
  • Actively supported by Kentico and a strong developer community




  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Integration and Customization
  • Locations
  • United Kingdom flag
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