Trevor Fayas

Trevor Fayas

Kentico MVP & Senior Software Engineer at Heartland Business Systems
Trevor Fayas
Hi, I'm Trevor, and I'm a developer who specializes in building awesome sites that amazing things using Kentico.

Over the years I've tackled many different variety of projects and integrations. I've touched more technologies than i can recall (SQL, Oracle, Azure, Dynamics, etc). Primarily i'm a .Net developer with a focus on Web Development and integrations. My platform of choice is Kentico for it's flexibilty, robust feature set, and speed of development. I've been given the honor of Kentico MVP for my work in the Forums, contributions to the Marketplace, and blog articles.

Haven't come across anything yet that I couldn't do, and when i code I look to code with the future in mind and flexibility and ease of use in mind. 

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