Petr Svihlik

Petr Svihlik

VP Engineering
Petr Svihlik
I'm VP Engineering at Kentico.

Why I love Kentico

To me, Kentico has always been (and always will be) a great community of people. A community that extends beyond the walls of its offices and includes many people who decided to live abroad or work elsewhere (both of which were my case). "Kenticorians" tend to stick around and be there for others regardless of their whereabouts. This is a direct result of a carefully cultivated culture based on trust and empowerment of people.  
Once Kentico, always Kentico.  

My job at Kentico

I help create a technology vision and steer its execution to achieve sustainable product growth balanced with engineering and operational excellence. I am a multiplier of engineering efforts. I bring clarity into long-term strategic problems spanning engineering and product. I remove constraints from engineering teams and empower them to make well-founded and strategically aligned decisions.
My aspiration is to make the technology of the future one of the driving factors of our overall strategy.

My journey

I first joined Kentico in 2007 as a software engineer. Since then, my career hasn’t been very linear. I switched between individual contributor roles, managerial roles, outbound- and inbound-facing roles. I shifted between project and product development. I even changed companies and worked for Big Tech for a couple of years.  
There is, however, a single unifying theme in everything I do—empowering developers. Making fellow developers productive and happy (or at least heard) is a crucial motivator for me. This is my third time at Kentico, and my mission is clear; help Kentico navigate through its cloud future and make sure our developers get the best possible toolbelt to support that.

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