Juraj Komlosi

Juraj Komlosi

Chief Information Officer
Juraj Komlosi
I am the CIO at Kentico. My main responsibilities include ensuring the security of all information and creating a positive security culture across the company.

Why I love Kentico

Usually, people and companies perceive security as something invisible. Not Kentico. People here understand the importance of my role and the huge responsibility I have—that we all have. Working in cybersecurity leads you to dispense with stereotypes. I get to work with fantastic people who cooperate as a team, which in turn helps me do my job right. We treat each other well; no formalities needed. I can directly impact the future development of Kentico and help fulfill Petr Palas’s vision thanks to a culture all of us cherish.

My job at Kentico

My main responsibilities include ensuring information security and creating a positive security culture across the company. I guarantee the security of our product development and the whole organization at large, which is especially important in the work-from-home era. Besides that, I educate people in our company on how to write secure code, as well as releasing hotfixes and focusing on product incident management. Together, we are continuing to  build a data secure organization that has already obtained the ISO 27001 certification and passed the SOC 2 Type 2 examination.

My journey

I came to Kentico in 2008 as a QA Engineer. I began to focus more and more on the security of cloud solutions, and after some time, I became a Security Specialist. That was just one step away from my current job position at Kentico. I remember looking for a job during my studies at university, and Kentico just felt like the right choice. The atmosphere there was so friendly, and the people so humble that I didn’t hesitate. And you know what? 12 years later, I feel utterly vindicated in my decision.

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