Jenda Perla

Jenda Perla

VP Marketing
Jenda Perla
Jenda was our former VP of Marketing 

Why I love Kentico

In terms of employer brand, Kentico has for me always been big on “employee love”.  Take for example their activities for the community, the degree of knowledge sharing they engage in, and their “Trees for Bugs” initiative. Now that I’m a part of the company, I value its transparency and anti-micromanagement attitude. We hire people who are not afraid to own the responsibility and make their own decisions. In return, we trust them and support them.

My job at Kentico

I lead the Kentico Xperience Marketing team. We are responsible for direct and channel marketing activities, supporting our Sales team in growth efforts, and promoting our customers' successes. My responsibilities are to work on strategy, lead the team, and communicate with our most important partners.

My journey

I came on board at Kentico in 2021 to rebuild the team. It was a fantastic opportunity because I had always perceived Kentico as one of the most interesting B2B tech companies here in Brno. I knew some people working in the company personally and how satisfied they were there. Previously, I had also been a customer of Kentico when I was responsible for Digital Marketing in another global B2B tech company, and I genuinely liked the product.

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