Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham

Chief Revenue Officer
Bill Cunningham
I'm the Chief Revenue Officer 

Why I love Kentico

Kentico for me is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy tool that enables marketers to achieve their goals. It’s a company that works very well with partners and offers a tool that allows digital transformation to occur in organizations. I do not really like to talk about the features or functions of different products. I like to talk about what you get from the product and how it helps in achieving the goals of the organization.  

I see the opportunity in the marketplace for Kentico to expand and move towards SaaS as a very compelling area of growth.  I come from a SaaS background and having been through this type of growth and these product transitions before makes Kentico all the more interesting.  

My job at Kentico

I’m focused on the go-to-market strategy of the company and the creation and execution of the sales and marketing playbooks, looking at how we are going to message and present ourselves to the market.  As we put those together, ensuring that we have uniform processes and messaging will be the key drivers.  This uniformity will enable us to present a consistent message to the marketplace and allow us to scale our business consistently over time.  

My journey

I've been aware of Kentico for a few years simply because of my background in the website experimentation and conversion optimization space, and we would see Kentico in some of the implementations that we worked on in my previous company, SiteSpect.  

Looking back further, my time at Kaspersky Lab is important to me because it was at a time of growth and opportunity. Leading sales teams of multiple sizes through different segment sizes to grow the Kaspersky business in North America is an important piece of my background. I was also employee #15 at Carbonite and I was there all the way through to the IPO of the company.  


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