7-Day bug fixing policy

Since 2009, Kentico has had the 7-day bug fixing policy and stating that for each bug we find, we will plant a tree. We fix bugs found in the latest published version of Kentico within seven business days.

For the purpose of this policy, a bug is any defect that does not allow you to use an existing feature as described in the documentation and there is no suitable workaround. A missing feature or setting is not considered a bug. A minor graphic design issue or issue that can be easily solved using an alternative approach are not considered bugs.


  • The page cannot be saved correctly - this is a bug which will be fixed in a hotfix
  • The page cannot be saved correctly when using Kentico API, but using a different method accomplishes the task - not a bug for this purpose
  • The new page icon is not displayed correctly in Firefox  - not a bug for this purpose
  • Bugs which require complex changes in the code will be fixed in the next major Kentico release
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