Strands Recommender Integration

You have so many great products that you know your customers will love, if only they could find them, and the “Amazon” experience is far out of budget and technical reach. But what if your website could automatically respond in real-time to your customers’ interests and tastes, by displaying recommendations that guide them to suitable purchases and cross sales?

With the integrated Strands Recommender tool in the Kentico Online Marketing Solution, you can dramatically boost customer loyalty and sales by recommending appropriate products to customers.
 Make your online store work harder for you

Highly relevant product recommendations

Customer retention is achieved by delivering a shopping experience that your customers love. And we all love different things. The integrated Strands Recommender tool allows you to bend your offering to the whim of each and every customer.

Your customers already seek product recommendations from friends and these play a huge part in their decision to purchase, so why not earn their trust by recommending products that perfectly suit their needs and tastes?

Recommendations are based on website and email behavior (like item view, purchase, rate and like), so no manual personalization is required.

Proving such a personalized experience not only builds brand affinity, but can dramatically increase revenues.

Radically boost sales with customer loyalty

Every online store owner knows that key to a successful and profitable e-commerce website is not just in attracting customers, but in increasing sales to current customers.

The experience you can deliver with the Strands Recommender, therefore, helps you to boost customer loyalty, repeat purchases, order volumes and overall revenue! The 30-day free trial of the service gives you plenty of time to evaluate the ROI of the package that best suits your needs. Suddenly, Amazon-smartness doesn’t look so far off.

Easily create a dream shopping experience

Unlike other systems, the Strands Recommender comes fully integrated with the Kentico Online Marketing Solution, which means no integration hassles for you. In fact, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes! Easily customizable to your specific needs and rules, it can handle even the most advanced scenarios.

It can be placed on any webpage (home page, product detail page, shopping cart, etc.) or in any transactional or marketing emails. In-depth reports give insight into your customers’ needs and how well the recommendations are performing.

Add Amazon-style smartness to your success

Kentico’s out-of-the-box integration with the Strands Recommender enables real-time personalized product recommendations to customers, which help boost sales, customer loyalty, and revenue. Built into the Kentico Online Marketing Solution, not only do you save on integration headaches, but you can leverage the full scope of powerful digital marketing tools that make Kentico’s integrated marketing solution superior in the delivery of an exceptional holistic customer experience.

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