Tomas Vykydal

Tomas Vykydal

Vice President of Customer Success
Tomas Vykydal
I lead the awesome Kentico Support and Consulting teams. We make sure our customers always get the help they need and build great Kentico projects.

Why I love Kentico

This is a simple question to answer for me—great product, great people. With respect to the product, it makes me incredibly happy to see our customers grow thanks to our digital experience platform. And as for the people, it is very rewarding to know we truly work as a team in Kentico. We give people the opportunity to stand out and the freedom to do whatever will bring us closer to fulfilling our vision and goals. We don’t care about the job title, everyone at Kentico can have an impact.

My job at Kentico

I manage all the customer success departments at Kentico Xperience. My responsibility is to come up with a strategy and make sure we are on track with all the targets. We aim to bring as much value to our customers as possible. Making our customers successful is the number one goal we have. To achieve that, we need to ensure they understand the possibilities open to them with our digital experience platform, that the product is user friendly and that they always have someone to reach out to for advice. We cooperate with many other departments to find new ways to educate our customers and help them achieve their full potential. It is great that feedback from customers navigates product development, in addition to sales and marketing.

My journey

I used to switch jobs often because none of it felt quite right. However, I learned a lot during that bumpy initial journey–I worked at many roles starting from various customer care departments all the way up to supply chain management for a global company. My experience brought me to Kentico in 2015. I started working here as chief of support, then I got the consulting department to look after and as of 2020, I am a VP of Customer Success. It brought me back to the essence of my job, one I truly cherish–making customers happy.

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