Space Coast Credit Union

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Space Coast Credit Union

With over 300,000 members and $4 billion in assets, Space Coast Credit Union (SCCU) is the third-largest credit union in Florida. They needed a digital presence that would allow their marketing team to easily keep their content up to date. The website also needed to provide visitors with useful information and tools to help them choose the best product.

increase in conversions

Personalized content suited to visitors’ needs

SCCU looked to partner with Wakefly to reorganize, redesign, and rebuild their public-facing marketing website. The overall user experience was at the heart of the project—for information to be easy to find, and to increase site traffic through SEO, and to gain leads.

The website is more interactive, mobile optimized, and praised by visitors. Average time on site has increased by an entire minute. And to guide visitors’ attention and differentiate the website’s content, three personas were set up: business members, new members, and existing members.

In order to make sure that their content needs were met, some of the templates were built with dynamic widgets that now allow content administrators to set different messaging or CTAs. The logic for assigning a user to a certain persona is based on their activity history.

The mortgage rate and payment estimator asks visitors questions regarding their mortgage needs, such as amount of loan needed, anticipated down payment, and type of home (e.g., a condo vs. a single-family home). Depending on the answers provided by the visitor, the results page displays the available loan options as well as estimated monthly payments and rates. With many loans to choose from, the estimator tool enables the SCCU marketing team to refine the choices for the visitor. It also prompts them to contact a member of the SCCU team to discuss further.


Since the website launch on July 29, 2019, there has been an enormous increase in terms of visitor engagement and overall business goals (a comparison between three months before and three months after the website redesign):

increase in conversions

increase in new users

increase in sessions

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