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By Orchard Marketing, Australia
BPAY Group

Payment provider BPAY Group is a leading digital banking organization. They are affiliated with more than 150 banks, credit unions, and building societies and feature in the latest innovations such as Up Bank. Over 60,000 businesses offer BPAY as a secure payment option to their customers through mobile and online banking. To effectively cater its content towards two different audiences, BPAY needed to split its existing single website into two with future-proof technology.

higher lead conversion

Creating next-level digital experiences for different audiences 

To effectively communicate their brand and product offering to business/consumer users and prospective partners/employees, BPAY appointed Kentico Xperience Partner, Orchard, and sister agency BMF to define and design a new set of brand guidelines 

Using the brand guidelines, Orchard worked with BPAY to scopedesign, and develop two new websites (bpay.com.au and bpaygroup.com.au) that would allow them to organize content easily and better meet the needs of their users. 

Backed with the digital experience platform (DXP) Kentico Xperience and its flexible MVC framework, the two new websites utilize core DXP features, including:  

  • Content Management including blogging capabilities 

  • Contact Management 

  • Custom Tables to hold imported Biller data 

  • Forms to manage and store information  

  • Media libraries for all the publicly available and downloadable resources/files 

  • Email Marketing including Email Queue to control, manage, and view all outgoing emails sent from the site 

  • Built-in Image resizer APIs to improve website performance and reduce bandwidth 


As a result of developing two new websites on Kentico XperienceBPAY has an improved IA (Information Architecture) for its users, making it much easier for its target audiences to find the information they need. BPAY has experienced stronger performance across the two new websites and has seen an uplift in statistics in relation to users spending more time on their websites. They have experienced a reduced bounce rate, and the page load speed is half that of the old site. 

Delighting business and consumer users 

Business and consumer users of bpay.com.au are now faced with more relevant product messages of security, ease, and control, and benefit from the seamless integration with BPAY’s existing APIs, such as the ‘Biller Lookup API’, allowing BPAY to share and improve in the customer experience of businesses also planning to use the API.  

increase in sessions

Catering for partners and employees 

The new bpaygroup.com.au website leveraged BPAY’s existing thought leadership strategy to develop a more sophisticated and targeted user interface for prospective partners and employees, different from that of their business and consumer user needs.  

higher lead acquisition conversion rate

increase in average time on site

increase in average time on page

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