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The ever-blooming transformation to digital business has accelerated the need for an efficient online presence for most companies. A digital experience platform (DXP)—combining digital marketing and content management capabilities in one fully integrated, unified solution—provides all the necessary tools to successfully run a website and enables businesses to achieve their digital goals and to nurture customers along the entire buyer’s journey. But having the right tools is only part of the story. What you really need is the right tools at the right time for your team and company... and this is where digital experience maturity (DEM) comes in.

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  • Why a correctly established level of digital experience maturity will boost your business results
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  • Valuable tips and tricks to help you get closer to your audiences

Impress your customers with seamless digital experiences across all channels and devices

Digital experience maturity refers to a business’ ability to leverage the tools at its disposal to deliver seamless, memorable, and personalized digital experiences to its customers across multiple channels and touchpoints in an effective and efficient way. 

Bringing in the wrong tools at the wrong time will only create stumbling blocks and stifle the efforts of your marketing team. 

Understanding your digital experience maturity will not only help you get a clear view of where your organization is at in delivering great customer experiences efficiently and effectively but will help you understand which steps to take next on your digital experience maturity journey. 

By implementing your DXP well and leveraging the right tools within it at the right time, your team will be able to build personal relationships with your customers through content tailored specifically to their preferences and interests for greater engagement and higher conversions. Not only will they be more likely to shop with you, but they’ll become loyal to your brand and skyrocket your business results!


Knowing and understanding your digital experience maturity is key.

A well-assessed level of digital sophistication directly affects a company’s ability to efficiently leverage its available DXP tools to create powerful digital experiences, such as content personalization, A/B testing, omnichannel marketing, marketing automation, analytics, and more.

To help you establish your digital experience maturity and guide you in which tools to leverage as your needs evolve, we’ve created a concise, easy-to-navigate Digital Experience Maturity Model (DEMM).  


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