Get to the heart of your cause

Engage your community through blogs, forums, groups, messaging and live chat and deepen relationships with a consistent voice across all channels and devices.

Putting you in full control, Kentico communities makes leveraging the power of communities for connecting with visitors and growing donations single-view simple.

Spread the word

Kentico simplicity means mobile, web, community, email and social are all fully integrated to get them liking, following, tweeting and sharing your message all around the world.

Online memberships and donations

Totally customizable donation and membership checkout with sophisticated recommendations and donations via mobile.

Deeper insights. Deeper pockets

Knowing who you’re helping is not enough. You need to know who you’re asking.

Get real-time insights into who your visitor is and automatically respond with personalized content and relevant emails. Kentico’s sophisticated online marketing automation tools allow you to nurture visitors in your sleep.

Real-time personalization

Automatically serve relevant content to your visitors based on behavior and demographics and A/B test your pages to ensure optimum impact.

Give your emails a boost

Get your messages out there more often and to better effect. Measure open and click-through rates and test your emails to perfection.

You’re building a website,
not a satellite

Web content management in Kentico is Nonprofit CMS sophistication simplified.

It’s intuitively easy to master and refreshingly uncluttered. So you can get on with fighting for your cause and not fighting the technology.

Everything a Nonprofit CMS should be

Don’t let a complicated system get in the way of your message. Kentico frees the time you need to create the quality content your users deserve.

Content made Kentico simple

If you like Word, you’ll love Kentico. The WYSIWYG editor makes content creation and adding videos and pictures a breeze.

"Since moving to Kentico, we have been able to introduce much more flexibility and sophistication to  Not only has it allowed us to fundraise more nimbly in times of disaster, but we’ve also benefitted by being able to implement some architectural and SEO best practices which has more than doubled our organic traffic to the site and increased overall donation conversion rates by over 300% compared to the year prior with our old infrastructure."
Doug Wayne
Canadian Red Cross
"Kentico provides us with an easy-to-use CMS interface that we can train our office staff to operate. The platform also is friendly to our web developers, and offers our agency much flexibility and room for growth with the site."
Jim Braibish
Call for Help, Inc.
"By utilizing the Kentico content management system we were able to create interactive resources that convey the organization's unique programs under the YMCA brand."
Chuck Murphy
Boston Interactive

10 factors crucial to a nonprofit's online success in 2014

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Learn how smart Nonprofits are overcoming having too much to do, in too little time, on too tight a budget, and how they are leveraging the sophistication of online marketing to boost donations, awareness, and engagement.
Download this 6-page whitepaper to explore 10 Factors crucial to a nonprofits online success in 2014.
Find out:
• how the type, price and usability of a nonprofit CMS solution impacts a Nonprofit’s success
• which sophisticated commercial marketing tools can skyrocket donations and awareness
• how Nonprofits can step up to meet and exceed the expectations of the multi-channel donor

Benefits of Kentico CMS for Nonprofits

What you need. No less. No more.

Kentico is your fully integrated, ready-to-go solution that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t – taking you where you want to be, while saving you time and money.

Cuts development time in half

Delivering far more out of the box than any other vendor, Kentico cuts development time in half. So you can get on with stuff that really matters.

You’re never on your own

Kentico’s 24/7 closed-loop support and unique 7-day bug-fix policy means no avoidable delays. You’ve got enough hurdles in your day.

Your website. Your way.

Incredible levels of customization and integration mean you can always fit the technology around your vision, not the other way round. And our open API means it integrates with virtually anything.

Measurable results

Keep track of all donations and history with built-in reports on all crucial statistics. Easily analyze and optimize. Surpass your own expectations.

Surprisingly affordable

Kentico is your right-priced solution that bypasses complications to deliver a rock-solid platform for success. ROI in a nutshell…wouldn’t you say?

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