Kentico Top 10 Websites for September 2017

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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It is never too late to change, to improve, or to learn, especially when the potential is there to achieve it. These projects have something to share, not only with those who want to be fit, wish to see their business grow, or want to find the best healthcare possible, but with anybody who is willing to change, improve, or learn.

Vidant Health

Implemented by Ntara, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Vidant Health is one of the largest healthcare systems in eastern North Carolina, serving 1.4 million people across the state. Vidant Health is comprised of seven community hospitals along with physician practices, hospice, wellness centers, and more. From the outset, the team developed clear goals for their new website: to be mobile responsive, service line centered, utilize geolocation services, to include information on other hospital locations, wayfinding initiatives, site search, and a new provider directory to more easily find physicians. Since the site went live, results have shown a 15% YOY traffic gain, a MOM 19% increase in unique users and an increase in mobile traffic of 19%.

IDA Ireland

Implemented by Continuum, Ireland
Kentico Gold Partner

The IDA is Ireland's inward investment promotion agency. It is a non-commercial, semi-state body promoting Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland through a wide range of services. The project was delivered with full migration from the ROXEN CMS after eight months and includes 11 different language sites and nine separate sub-sites dedicated to investors. Kentico EMS tools such as Lead scoring, Web analytics, and Personalization coupled with third-party Geo-IP solutions are delivering meaningful customer insights that can inform the follow-up activities of the IDA’s account managers. The website now provides deeper insights on potential investors who have engaged with the online content. 

Dynamic Networks Group

Implemented by Pixelbuilders, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Dynamic Networks is an IT Systems and Support company based in Leeds, UK who are going through a significant period of growth. A decision was made to develop a new website, after a number of months working on PPC and SEO strategies. The website uses widget-driven page templates allowing huge flexibility in both the type of content that could be created and uploaded to the site and how that content is displayed. In the first week since launch, the new Dynamic Networks website has successfully increased on-site engagement metrics. Page views increased by 77%, pages per session increased by 108%, the average session duration increased by 92%, and the bounce rate decreased by 42%.


Implemented by Hileman Group, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, MCPc is a technology solutions provider that helps companies manage their IT fleet, from device selection through to device retirement. Their customers include some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies, hospital systems, and financial institutions in America. MCPc chose Kentico for its ease of editing, adding, and moving content to align with their continued evolution of business and service offerings. They also required Kentico’s ability to have a secure login for internal access to assets and forms. The new website is fully integrated with ConnectWise’s business management platform and also with HubSpot for the delivery of gated content.

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways

Implemented by Luminary, Australia
Kentico Gold Partner

The Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website was developed to meet the needs of schools, students, jobseekers, parents, and employers who have an interest in Australian apprenticeships. The goal of this project was to merge a website positioned as a resource for students and jobseekers, and the other aimed toward industry insiders. IIS has more than 100,000 pieces of data and more than 30 Kentico custom tables/page types needed to be imported from the old Kentico 5.5 site to the new Kentico 10 site. IIS also has a client portal for service providers that contains a lot of forms and grids. Get Started utilized Kentico Forms and UniGrid web parts to easily extend them to meet all the client's requirements.

Fit Factory

Implemented by Conduit Innovation, USA
Kentico Bronze Partner

Fit Factory is a New England fitness health club chain. They needed a website that would represent the culture, programs, and details about each location. Also, it had to be scalable enough as more locations open, to be able to manage content without requiring coding or technical knowledge and to integrate easily with internal systems such as ClubOS CRM, Club Management software, and ClubReady billing software. Kentico’s user-friendly interface allows non-technical editors to easily create and maintain pages on the website, create landing pages on the fly and launch new locations seamlessly using Page Types and Custom Fields. 


Implemented by MMT Digital, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is the UK’s independent regulator for the financial sector. FRC needed to ensure that this was accurately reflected online. Its previous website was overloaded with content, so the navigation needed to be stripped back, making it easier for the visitor to find the information they need. MMT Digital created a number of custom widgets that could be used to point visitors to relevant information. These included latest publications, quick links and signposts to navigate the user to where they need to be. FRC also wanted to be able to send out regular press releases, event details and information to its subscribers which is easily enabled with Kentico Email Marketing features.

Redwood Bank

Implemented by Distinction, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Redwood Bank provides small and medium-sized British businesses with fast, simple, and transparent loans and savings accounts. The plan for their new website was to reflect better their services and to build a resource center for support documents, which are extremely important in supporting current and potential customers. The challenges Redwood were facing were easily remedied through the use of Kentico out-of-the-box features such as Workflows, Custom Page Types, Custom Tables, and Smart Search API. Since the site went live at the end of August 2017, there have been some amazing metrics: a 442% increase in sessions, a 42% increase in session duration, and a 4% decrease in bounce rate. Well done!

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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