Kentico Top 10 Websites for December 2018

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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No matter what industry they come from, whether construction companies, law firms, banks, or IT, for all of them, Kentico is a vital part of their digital presence. Let’s see what this winter edition has prepared for us.

Port of Los Angeles

Implemented by Status Not Quo, USA
Kentico Bronze Partner

The Port of Los Angeles is “America’s Port”—handling approximately 48% of all port traffic for the United States.  Prior to the completion and launch of their most recent design in September 2018, their site had not been updated since 2007.  By selecting Kentico as the CMS, it allowed Status Not Quo to design a user-centric navigation solution that has already led to a significant reduction in bounce rate by 20%. Kentico simplified the transition of the Port of Los Angeles’s 5,000+ page website to a mobile responsive layout. Session duration increased by 20%, and through quality crafted content and adhering to best practices, both web and SEO, unique page views have increased by 34%.

Schizophrenia Society of Ontario

Implemented by Inorbital Inc, Canada
Kentico Gold Partner

The Schizophrenia Society has a positive impact on the lives of people, families, and communities affected by schizophrenia and psychotic illnesses. It was five years since the last website upgrade, so their digital presence started to become obsolete. The main aim of the website was the engagement of visitors contributing to the cause either by volunteering, donating, or participating in any of the events. In order to meet these requirements, a broad range of Kentico features was utilized. Starting with the events calendar, blog (currently being populated but not yet live), and continuing with the donations form using Form Builder, which will be implemented in the near future.

National Food Group

Implemented by thunder::tech, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Since 1990, National Food Group has built lasting relationships with their customers by providing high-value, high-quality food products for a full range of meal patterns and budgets. Renowned for their expertise in the food industry, it was crucial to deliver NFG a mobile-friendly, creatively driven and innovative website that provided not just sales-supporting tools and features for the major B2B accounts, but also brand-building experiences. Although the performance and rules surrounding the NetSuite API were challenging, Kentico’s API and architecture allowed thunder::tech to creatively resolve problems and create a dynamic and optimized experience for the user and administrators.

World Dryer

Implemented by Starkmedia, USA
Kentico Silver Partner

Started in 1951, World Dryer specializes in creating innovative and advanced air dryers to optimize any bathroom space. World Dryer’s goal is to improve the user experience by developing dryers that are quieter, more sanitary, more efficient, and at the lowest cost of ownership. World Dryer primarily conducts business with business owners, architects, contractors, and distributors meaning this site needed to keep these users in mind and allow them to navigate the site and these products efficiently. The integration with Market Track greatly improved upon the user experience by offering customized features for their client base.

University Credit Union

Implemented by ZAG Interactive, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

With their new website, University Credit Union (UCU) needed to reveal and represent a new brand. The new website content and imagery had to reflect UCU’s unique personality, expertise, and value proposition. ZAG used the Kentico CMS to combine out-of-the-box features with the custom development required to meet their client’s unique goals. Out-of-the-box features used included those used for SEO, the ASPX + Portal page template system, web parts and widgets (editable text, custom table repeater, custom table item selector, online form, sitemap breadcrumbs), form controls, media libraries, and more. The result is a beautiful and functional credit union website.

GVM International

Implemented by eLogic S.r.l., Italy
Kentico Gold Partner

GVM, an Italian group in the healthcare, research and biomedical industry, is an integrated network of high specialty hospitals, polyclinics and day surgeries with private health clinics in Europe. Their new website is targeted at international customers living abroad. To meet business and technology standards, eLogic upgraded the website from Kentico version 8 to 11. They also heavily utilized Kentico Forms for making reservations and for info request, the Localization feature (the website has been translated into English and Chinese), Smart Search, and Page Types. The Multisite feature allows the managing of several websites on the same platform, which was a must for GVM.

Vermeer Dealer Center

Implemented by BizStream, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Operating in more than 60 countries worldwide, the Vermeer Corporation is a global manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment. The goal of the project was to create a portal allowing access to personalized content and integrating functionality with other systems for Vermeer’s network of dealers. There were several challenges that needed to be overcome. A massive amount of content needed to be personalized by user role, the project had to integrate with multiple Vermeer business systems and APIs, and enriched by a Custom SSO. This is the largest Kentico MVC project BizStream has undertaken, to date, in terms of the total feature set, complexity, and variability of content filtering and search.

Wenger & Vieli AG

Implemented by endurit gmbh, Switzerland
Kentico Gold Partner

Wenger & Vieli Ltd. is a nationally and internationally active law firm with offices in Zurich and Zug. For more than forty years, they have been advising and representing national and international companies as well as private clients residing in or outside Switzerland primarily in all areas of business and tax law. Nice and good usability for the editor, with easy relations handling between expertise, publications and persons was essential here. Also, better usability for the website visitor to get the needed information with one click only. With online forms, all data for the “Changes to the Commercial Register” could be easily saved and used for PDF creation.

E. Tupling

Implemented by Dreamscape Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

E.Tupling is a distributor of underfloor heating systems, and plastic plumbing and building products. The company forms a vital link in the supply chain from manufacturer to retailer. It was crucial that the new website integrated their warehouse catalog and live stock levels so that new and existing clients could see what products were available for next day delivery. To display live stock levels from their warehouses, the site is integrated with Pegasus Opera3. Migrated from WordPress, this new Kentico website was created within four months. Moreover, this change enables future e-commerce functionalities.

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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