The heart of your community at the heart of your marketing.

The Kentico Online Communities solution is, quite simply, every sophisticated tool needed to build, manage, and host online communities. Online Communities made Kentico-simple.

Have a heart?

By simplifying how sophisticated online communities can be built, managed, and integrated into the brand experience, Kentico goes further to help you make the most of this opportunity.

Kentico simplicity

Putting marketers in control, Kentico makes leveraging communities single-view simple with easy forums, blogs, and groups for a deeply engaged community that cares about your brand.

Plug-and-play success

It’s all delivered in that uniquely Kentico way… rock-solid sophistication that works right out of the box, ready for you to put your stamp on. 

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Kentico Online Communities solution

The Kentico Online Communities solution allows everyone to make more of this great and growing opportunity.

Much simpler to use and much more affordable than comparable systems, Kentico goes further to help you add value to projects of all sizes. 

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The living brand

Community involvement adds a new dimension to your customer through new gathered intelligence and actionable insights.

But, just as importantly, having a community adds a new dimension to your brand, rounding out its presence in the online world.

The healthy brand

Get conversations happening and give customers the power to start discussions, create content, rate products, and share knowledge. Assist them with the integrated live chat module and nurture them towards deep brand loyalty.

The social brand

Built-in integration with social media not only dramatically extends reach and drives qualified traffic, but brings deeper social insights and allows you into the social sphere to talk directly to your customer.

A powerful place to be.

The brand with a heart

The best brands have community at the heart of everything they do; strategically, creatively, and technologically.

From awareness right through to retention, online communities have the power to engage customers in a personal way and build that invaluable thing called brand advocacy. 

Highly Responsive 24/7 Global Support

Everything we do is backed by our exacting right-first-time standards. And our legendary 24/7 closed-loop support and 7-day bug-fix policy prove it. 

It all adds up to successful websites for your clients and reputation-building projects for you, without the usual headaches and avoidable delays. 

"The Kentico support team are some of the best I've had the pleasure to work with."

Michael Strauss
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