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Kentico is built on standard technologies which makes its deployment and maintenance of the servers very straightforward. You can use the same code for shared hosting, dedicated servers or even for the cloud which means you can easily move your site to a different hosting environment as you need.

 Kentico natively supports Windows Azure

Standard ASP.NET Project

Kentico CMS is a standard Visual Studio project
Kentico is a standard ASP.NET website project with standard Microsoft SQL Server database. It means you can easily install it and configure as any other ASP.NET application.

You can open it in Visual Studio and use Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Visual Source Safe or some other version control system to store updated versions of the system files and your custom files.

If you do not use Kentico deployment mechanisms described below, you can still conduct a standard backup/restore of the web project and database to move it to another server.

Incremental Deployment

While the first deployment of a new website may be straightforward, deployment of the next website update may be more complex.

That's why Kentico offers two ways how to deploy the updated content and objects and integrate them with live data without overwriting changes that were made by content editors and site visitors in the meantime:
  • Import/Export
  • Synchronization

Deployment with Import/Export

Exporting objects from Kentico for later import into another instance
Kentico allows you to export your website content and code objects (page templates, CSS files, webparts, etc.) into a single file and then import them into another Kentico installation.

It highly simplifies the process of deployment and you can even use it for backup. You can export only chosen objects or objects modified since the last export or specified date.


Kentico Staging Module makes it easy to synchronize changes made to the content and code objects accross your development, QA, content authoring and production environment with a few clicks.
Synchronization with the Staging module

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