Content Hub – one app for all your content

Say goodbye to the hassle of duplicating, copy-pasting, and updating information across multiple platforms. Mix and match pieces of your digital content and watch it thrive in the multichannel world!

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Create consistent user experience across multiple channels

Content Hub is a single source of truth. Update once, and watch as the changes cascade automatically everywhere, ensuring your content stays synchronized and current, no matter where it lives.

Work with maximum efficiency

Craft your content just once and showcase it across various channels in the style you prefer. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also conserves resources, making the process of creating new content more efficient than ever.

Easily reuse your content

Content Hub stores your content as structured data, ready to be effortlessly expanded, enhanced, and fine-tuned for search engine optimization (SEO). Reuse your content with confidence, knowing it’s built for adaptability and visibility.

Save energy and declutter your digital space

By repurposing content rather than starting from scratch, you enhance your site’s performance while also conserving valuable storage space and computational power. It’s a smarter approach to content management.

Content Hub application in Xperience by Kentico

Learn how Content Hub works: get a practical how-to guide

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