What do digital marketers really want in 2015?

What do digital marketers really want to achieve in 2015? What types of internet marketing strategies can marketers plan for in upcoming years? Will social be enough? Will robots take over the industry soon? No, really… will they? Questions, questions, questions!

Digital marketers are constantly having to adjust to both progressive and drastic changes in their industry. The Kentico marketers' survey is here to deliver deep insights and data on all of the nitty-gritty details you can’t afford to miss – find out what successful digital marketers are doing to stay ahead of the game. Everything from the rising importance of the customer experience through to the potential movement of software to cloud can be found here in this report.

The survey asked 300 digital marketers in US companies of different sizes, types and industries about internet marketing strategies that they've implemented.

Created by Millward Brown for Kentico Software.

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