Kentico Market Insights Webinar

Beyond the Buzzwords:
Using Personas to Create Valuable Digital Experiences 

Your website is your digital flagship and your most important marketing asset. But, is it giving your audience what it wants? How do you even know what your audience wants from your website? In this webinar, Kentico's Gold partner SilverTech will go beyond the buzzwords to demonstrate how you can use personas to design and build a website that consistently delivers value and meets your audience's needs long after launch.

With 100,000 historical artifacts, documents, and photographs to manage and make accessible to audiences as disparate as high school students and retired philanthropists, the new website for the New Hampshire Historical Society had to make sure their new website could be many things to many people. SilverTech created multiple personas,  covering everyone from basic to power users, to guide every aspect of the strategy, design, and build ensuring that the new website would be exactly what each and every audience member wanted it to be.

From the webinar recording, you will learn:

  • Tips for creating digital personas
  • How to use your personas to anticipate what your audiences want from your website
  • There’s no menu, icon, or search function too small
  • How to use personas to guide the design and build of your website
  • The benefit of using Kentico for a persona-driven approach 

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Webinar panelists


Gina MacIntyre

Software Engineer at SilverTech, Inc.

Gina is a Certified Kentico Developer on SilverTech’s Kentico Team. As a process and quality advocate, she plays an integral role in quoting, planning, and architecting Kentico projects.


Karissa Woodward

UI/UX Designer at SilverTech, Inc.

Karissa’s expertise includes website design, typography, and UI/UX design. Skilled in creating visually appealing and persuasive designs, Karissa always ensures that projects are consistently attractive and effective and address all client goals.


Samantha Maltais

Marketing Manager & Principal Strategist at SilverTech, Inc.

Samantha is a seasoned digital strategist, marketer, and project manager that has the innate ability to combine marketing and operational requirements while integrating SEO and SEM as well as UI and UX to deliver top-notch strategies for clients. Her ability to create personas that align with individual client needs make her a unique and invaluable member of SilverTech's strategy team.