Support and Consulting services

Technical support is meant for clients needing technical troubleshooting and general help with out of the box features. Consulting is for more advanced scenarios, and can work with you 1-on-1 to help you find the best solution to your project needs.

Typical questions for Technical Support Typical questions for Consulting
How can I use XYZ webpart? How should I organize the content in the CMS?
How do I edit page template layout? Can you help me optimize the performance of my site?
How do I create a new document using API?

How can I customize the shipping price calculation using XYZ service?

Your API method doesn't return what it should. Is it a bug? How can I integrate our booking system/CRM into the site?
I am getting error when saving XYZ object in Kentico. My custom code is not doing what I expect, how can I make it work?
Why isn't my Content Staging working? How can I customize what happens when I save XYZ object in Kentico?
What are the hardware requirements to run Kentico? What should a disaster recovery plan look like for a Kentico site? How can we improve up-time?


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