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"Kentico Consulting doesn't use a standard cutter approach; each project they worked with us on was customized to match our budget and needs. The consultant was very well prepared for each session, very thoughtful and attentive during each session, and provided follow-through after each session that went beyond expectations. Impeccable pretty much sums it up. Thanks, Kentico."
Rick New,
First & Union, USA, Washington


Kentico Upgrade Audit is a consulting package that reviews your current Kentico system. The package can be used as a pre-upgrade or post-upgrade audit. While the Pre-Upgrade Audit provides an assessment that focuses on possible upgrade related weak spots, the Post-Upgrade Audit evaluates upgraded website state and health. In lines with enterprise best practices and recommendations, Kentico consultant evaluates the state of your website and provides expert guidelines to avoid upgrade related pitfalls. The Upgrade Audit is not intended to be a step-by-step guide on how to perform the upgrade, but rather provides you with best practice recommendations tailored to your project.



This virtual consulting engagement will result in an assessment document detailing the specific requirements of your site and dependencies to upgrade your site to the current version.

  • Two recorded online meetings: Kickoff and a deliverable review
  • Assessment Report that consist of:
    • Best practices and recommendations to resolve upgrade related issues
    • Proper usage of Kentico API
    • Proper usage of Kentico customization options
    • Proper project folder structure
    • Database customizations


Item Price
Upgrade Audit Package $1,500 USD *
* Travel & expenses will be invoiced separately for onsite engagements

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