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What do you think about Kentico consulting services? Video
"Loving your CMS system by the way, the best we have ever used or seen, and your support has been equally outstanding. It’s full steam ahead for us with Kentico from here on! "
Jon Curry,
Egghead Design Ltd., United Kingdom

Avoid Project Pitfalls with Kentico Consulting!

  • Do you want to avoid pitfalls when planning and deploying Kentico?
  • Do you want to make sure that you choose the right architecture?
  • Do you need to finish a complex Kentico project with tight deadlines without getting stuck?
  • Do you need to optimize the performance of your site?
  • Do you need to integrate Kentico with your existing systems?
  • Do you need to customize Kentico behavior?

If you answered YES at least once, Kentico Consulting may help you! Our experts will help you make your project a success at the first attempt! Avoid wrong decisions, rewriting code and missed deadlines.

How Can I Leverage Kentico Consulting? 

Kentico Solution Architects will provide you with advice, review your architecture or write sample code to show you how to achieve what you need. They will not create the web site for you or implement your application (this service is delivered by our Solution Partners), but they will tell you how to do things and help you avoid mistakes.

Who Provides Kentico Consulting? 

Kentico Solution Architects are senior developers who have extensive experience with Kentico and most of them were previously members of Kentico core development team. They have in-depth knowledge of Kentico architecture, as well as advanced .NET platform knowledge. They know how the system works inside and can deliver their expertise to your team.

How Is the Consulting Delivered?

Kentico Consulting is very flexible. Whether you need 30 minutes or 10 days, we can help you. You can choose from:

  • Remote Project Consulting - on-line, on-demand sessions through service
  • On-site Project Consulting

How Much Does It Cost?

If you're starting a new project, you can choose our discounted Getting Started Consulting Package at $4,200 for a 3-day consulting session. This session can be on-line or on-site. Learn more about Getting Started Consulting Package.

For on-line sessions, you need to pre-pay consulting credits. The minimum purchase is 10 credits for $1,000, which covers 5 hours of on-line consulting services. 1 credit covers 30 minutes of consulting which is also the minimum charged amount. You can use the credit as you need during your project and get answers to complex questions. The on-line consulting can't be purchased as a replacement of technical support included in maintenance. The unused credits expire after one year from the purchase. 

For on-site consulting, the price depends on the scope of consulting services and your location.

If you are interested in Kentico consulting services, please send a message to or submit an online form and we will prepare a quote for you.

Note for Kentico Partners: Partner discounts do not apply to the consulting services.

What Is the Difference Between Consulting and Support? 

The unlimited 24/7 technical support included with your maintenance contract can be used if you need help with your daily programming tasks. The consulting is intended for more strategic topics, such as architecture, customization or integration. The following table compares both types of assistance:

Technical Support Consulting
Where to store my custom data if I don't need workflow? How do I integrate Kentico with 3rd party system (e.g. CRM)?
What Kentico API should I use to select users from database? I am looking for a review of my custom code
I am running into performance issue(s) with certain Kentico module/application. How do I improve performance of my web site?
What are Kentico system requirements. I would like to validate my HW/System/Environment/Performance requirements.
Where can I find information on how does the upgrade procedure work? I am looking for Kentico expert who can upgrade my web site.
While implementing custom module and following the documentation, I am getting an error. I am working on a Custom module/Application and I am running into some design issue(s).
Where can I hide document from main menu? How do I design my content tree to ensure proper architecture based on my requirements?
Kentico event handler doesn't work for me. How do I use a custom Kentico provider / handler to achieve my needs?

Do You Guarantee That I Get What I Need?

Before we do the consulting session with you, you will specify what topic you would like to discuss, what questions should be answered and what results you want to achieve during this session. It allows us to choose the right consultant for your session and make sure that your questions will be answered by an expert. We will also tell you in advance how much time will be required for the session. The consultant will make sure at the end of the session that you received answers to all of your questions.

How Can I Order Consulting?

For Remote Project Consulting, you need to purchase the credit first. You can do that on-line or you can contact our sales team for other payment options. Once you do that, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to schedule your on-line session with our consultant.

On-site consulting needs to be arranged through our sales team. Your account manager will schedule the time and give you the best estimate of total cost.

What Do Others Say about It?

“Kentico did a fantastic job helping us out with our questions. We were impressed with their preparation for the meeting as well as their obvious deep technical understanding of the product.”  Larry Casey – Director of Architecture

See more testimonials on Consulting Services.

Can You Develop a Website or a Custom Module for Me?

No, but we have a network of 1,000+ Kentico Solution Partners that will create websites for you or develop custom modules.

Where Do I Get More Details?

If you need more details or want to arrange a consulting session, please contact our sales team at or +1 866 328 8998.

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