Zbyšek Němec

Vice President of Engineering at Kontent by Kentico

Why I love Kentico

Making an impact is a great feeling. At Kentico, I have been afforded incredible space in which to shape our product and steer its development in the direction that I feel is right. And yes, Petr or Bart will ask me whether such-and-such a move really is a good idea. But that’s it. If I stick to my guns, then I am free to bring my ideas to life. Thankfully, it seems I haven’t been wrong thus far. Kentico is special to me because I was there when we defined our core Kentico values, and I am here now when important decisions are being made. I appreciate the freedom that my colleagues and I are given—the level of trust we have in each other is truly exceptional. Thanks to all of these factors, I can do a job that I’m proud of, and I can now say that Kentico is as much a part of me as I am of it.

My job at Kentico

My role is to guarantee Kontent by Kentico runs smoothly. I make sure that we regularly deliver new benefits to our customers, so I am responsible for launching new features, monitoring product performance, and managing the scalability of the product. Internally, I take care of the whole department. I try to make our people happy, and I directly influence the strategy and overall vision for our headless CMS. All of these varied and multitudinous tasks mean life never gets boring at Kentico!

My journey

I started working at Kentico in 2007 while studying at university. I wanted to dive straight into the programming sphere, so after my bachelor studies, the company proved to be a natural fit for me. Nowadays, I am one of Kentico’s most senior employees. To stay in one company for such a long time hasn’t always been easy, but I’m glad I never gave up on Kentico. It has definitely been worth every grey hair and wrinkle I have accrued on my forehead! Before I became the VP of Engineering, I was a Support Engineer and Developer in several teams, as well as Technical Leader. I also had the chance to “groom” my successor Kamil Řezníček. So after Kentico split in two divisions, Kamil became Development Director at Xperience and I stayed at Kontent.