Viktor Fiala

Chief Financial Officer & Board Member at Kentico Software

Why I love Kentico

I can follow my purpose in Kentico. Every day, I relish how seriously Kentico takes the impact it has on the market, its employees and clients, and society at large. I admire how incredibly generous and empathetic Kentico is towards our people and the community. Thanks to the fact that values such as “be human”, transparency and a “just do It” mindset lie at Kentico’s core, honest, nice and hardworking people are attracted to working with us. Working with such a team, and with Petr Palas at the helm, makes me feel truly inspired.

My job at Kentico

As a member of Kentico Software’s executive team, I am responsible for the financial navigation of Kentico. Together with my amazing finance team, we want to make sure that all colleagues in Kentico work with a comprehensive quality system that enables them to understand our financials and our performance and position within the market, together with the metrics of our company's success.

My task is to clearly describe our economic situation both internally and externally and search for the means by which we can grow even further. In addition to this, I’m focused on developing our system of financial reporting, ensuring flawless financial compliance.

My journey

I was lucky enough to get my first job at Ernst and Young - I learned so much in my time there. I have traveled across Europe, worked for various companies and met so many inspiring people. After some time in audit and consulting services, I wanted to cease with travelling-the plan for my wife and I was to settle down and start a family in our hometown-Brno. So, I came to work for Y Soft as the Finance Manager of Y Soft Ventures. The South Moravian IT and start-up ecosystem is amazing environment- and I have enjoyed it a lot.

A few years down the road, after some other professional assignments, I was introduced to Petr Palas and Kentico. Petr’s vision and values and the unique company culture he fostered has inspired me and made my decision to undertake my new role much easier.