Tadeáš Kubát

Vice President of User Experience at Kontent by Kentico

My job in Kentico is to connect our business with our users’ needs so they fall in love with our product while achieving their business targets. I aim to create an environment that allows my team to deliver the best possible user experience. In the end, it’s up to me to decide where our UX strategy should take us going forward. I collaborate with Martin Michalik and Zbyšek Němec on the vision of our product and how we will accomplish it. The most important thing is to figure out the right mix of new features and quality of user experience that would have the greatest influence on our company’s objectives. Given the Kontent strategy and targets, that is a delicate balance, which we’re constantly reviewing.

I have been working with Kentico since 2013. I had previously worked as a UX designer for another B2B software firm, and when my former boss chose to join Kentico to start a UX team, I decided to follow him. And it happened to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Kentico allows me to create a great UX—unfortunately, that’s not a standard in other companies. The work environment and way of working at Kentico are exceptional. My first responsibility here was to lead a huge redesign of the product called Kentico EMS at that time. And it was actually the first release that was taken care of by designers. Just about a year later after I proved myself, I was promoted to the UX Team Lead and eventually joined the executive team as VP User Experience.

Why I love Kentico

I enjoy working at Kentico because of the company culture. We are not afraid to try new approaches and are constantly striving to improve our work at all levels across the whole company. Whenever I need to discuss something, everyone at Kentico is more than happy to help. Each and every employee is also always welcome to share their thoughts and ideas. This openness and transparency aren’t just marketing clichés; at Kentico, we are truly living these values and it’s obvious that everyone there, especially Petr Palas, genuinely cares about other people and their well-being.