Rastislav Matušík

Chief Information Officer at Kentico Software

My job is to ensure the infrastructure, platform and tools for Kentico to run seamlessly. I take care of the internal application development and business intelligence area. My aim is to enable Kentico to make data-driven decisions. I am particularly proud of the transition into modern infrastructure where we can automate, avoid outages and create highly reliable company infrastructure.

I started here at Kentico in 2015 as the Internal Services Director and then became the CIO as the complexity of the company and my responsibilities grew. Before, I have worked at AVG for seven years where I went through several technical and business oriented positions. At that time, AVG was one of the biggest digital companies in the Czech Republic so the experience was extremely valuable for my following job at Kentico.

Why I love Kentico

Kentico is unique because of its culture. We care about our people and we try to provide a great work environment. Our core values #behuman and #transparency are not just on the paper. We live those values. The atmosphere we are working in is friendly, we allow ourselves to risk and make mistakes as long as we learn from them. An innovation is the backbone of Kentico. We always go forward, try new approach, new methods, new processes. Every role is developing, including mine, so we always have an opportunity to grow. Thanks to that, I am truly enjoying my work at Kentico.