Petr Palas

CEO & Founder of Kentico Software

My role is to ensure that we fulfill our company vision of creating the best software for work with content. I aim to deliver the best product to our customers and, at the same time, make sure that Kentico is a great workplace where all my colleagues can develop their talents. To achieve that, I cooperate closely with the Managing Directors, Bart Omlo and Dominik Pintér—they are responsible for the results of their divisions. I have been lucky enough to find such great, strong professionals who can develop a vision and lead their teams towards their goals.

Before I founded Kentico, I had worked in Moravia IT. Creating websites was a part of my job, and I fell in love with the concept of CMS there and then. I even wrote my bachelor thesis on this topic. Later, I saw a huge demand for a CMS based on Microsoft .NET. At that time, similar solutions were difficult to find. So I went ahead and started Kentico. I only took three months to launch the product, and since then, I have continued to improve it iteratively. The whole Kentico was still a one-man show when I got my first customer. A year after starting the business, I hired my first colleagues. And one of them—Martin Hejtmánek—is still working with us today as a CTO of the Kentico Kontent division.

Why I love Kentico

Initially, I didn't have an ambition to build a massive company. I just wanted to create an excellent workplace for like-minded professionals who are motivated by helping customers. Our people are the heart & soul of Kentico that I love. I am fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented individuals who would never settle for mediocrity. Together, they form the best team I could ever wish for.

Another reason I am so fond of Kentico is that it gives me the means to help our customers solve their issues and achieve their business goals. I believe that our two products, Xperience and Kontent, make the world a better place for people working with content and building applications.