Petr Palas

CEO & Founder of Kentico Software

Why I love Kentico

I love our people: they are the beating heart of this company. I am fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented individuals who will never settle for mediocrity. Together, they form the best team I could ever wish for.

Another reason I am so passionate about Kentico is that it gives me the means to help our customers resolve their issues and achieve their business goals. I believe that our two products, Xperience and Kontent, genuinely make the world a better place for people working with content and building websites.

My job at Kentico

My role is to ensure that we realise our company’s vision of creating the best software for working with content. I aim to deliver the best product to our customers and, at the same time, make sure that Kentico is a great place to work, one where all my colleagues can nurture and hone their talents. To achieve this, I cooperate closely with the Managing Directors, Bart Omlo and Dominik Pintér — they are responsible for their divisions’ results. I have been lucky enough to find such strong, ultra-competent professionals capable of developing a clear vision for their respective products and leading their teams towards achieving their goals.

My journey

Before I founded Kentico, I had worked in Moravia IT. Creating websites was a part of my job, and I fell in love with the concept of CMS right there and then. I even wrote my bachelor thesis on this topic. Later, I saw a huge demand for a CMS based on Microsoft .NET. At that time, solutions like the ones we currently provide were difficult to find. So I went ahead and started Kentico. It only took three months to launch the product, and since then, we have continued to improve it iteratively. The whole of Kentico was still a one-man show when I brought my first customer on board. A year after starting the business, I hired my first colleagues. And one of them—Martin Hejtmánek—is still working with us today, as CTO of the Kontent by Kentico division.