Petr Klouda

Vice President of Global Sales at Kentico Xperience

My main responsibility is together with my team secure enough revenue not only to cover the payrolls, but also to enable growth of the Kentico Xperience. I look for new ways how to transform our business to achieve the goals that Petr Palas and Dominik Pintér set up for our Kentico Xperience division. I define the business strategy and ways how to achieve the best possible results through an international team of great salespeople.  

I don't have any special education in business. But I have 10+ years of experience in customer experience, sales and key account management that helps me, together with a common sense, to be a better sales leader. Before I came to Kentico in 2016, I was working  in Moravia Propag where I was a key account manager for brands such as Coca-Cola, later I was a key account manager in CCV/Grit where I cooperated on strategic development of our customers. Then an offer from Kentico came. I was always drawn to international business environment. I wanted to explore the world, the different countries, cultures and meet interesting people coming from diverse backgrounds... In Kentico I can do all of it, firstly as a Sales Director for EMEA, later as the VP Global Sales for the Kentico Xperience division.

Why I love Kentico

Nothing is impossible in Kentico. At least in my story. When you have a good idea and you are willing to put your energy into it and you convince the others, you always get an opportunity to bring the idea to life. You can see nothing like that anywhere else. I was working in many companies but none of them compares to Kentico. Here we have absolutely unique approach to the people. What you agree on is set in stone, nobody is digging in details, no micromanagement, we treat each other as human beings... But of course, we do have high expectations from our people. Kentico is all about the great people I get to work with. Everyday, I have an opportunity to learn from my colleagues, our business partners and from our customers, too. I feel lucky and grateful.