Martin Michalik

Vice President of Product at Kontent by Kentico

Why I love Kentico

Kentico empowers its people. We all have an impact, no matter our job title. Employees in Kentico can propose any idea, and if it is a good one, they will have the opportunity to make it a reality. This “can do” mindset is built into Kentico’s DNA. We are subject to incredible freedom, trust, and accountability, which gives us the latitude to do our jobs well. And most importantly, not only do I see huge potential in our product, but I also find it extremely rewarding to know our clients are satisfied with the service we have delivered.

My job at Kentico

I represent the voice of our Kontent by Kentico customers. My role is to guarantee our product is addressing their needs. I am responsible for the product management team, which collects feedback from customers and the market, decides upon our development priorities, and ensures that the final product is successfully delivered and adopted. I consider it an incredible achievement that Kentico, as a self-funded organization, has become one of the top players in the Headless CMS market with Kontent, a solution that covers all the needs of our enterprise clients.

My journey

Before Kentico, I worked as a business analyst in one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the world. I came to Kentico in 2014, and as one of the first Product Managers, I helped launch a new product, nowadays called Kontent by Kentico. Afterwards, I became the Director of Product, and later I joined the Executive Management Team as VP of Product for Kontent by Kentico.