Martin Florián

User Experience Leader at Kentico Xperience

I lead the UX team of Kentico Xperience and create the UX designs for our product. I am responsible for the UX vision of our digital experience platform and I help to fulfill the company goals via creating better user experience. The Kentico Xperience DXP should enable the users to cover all their needs. That's why me and my team, we talk to our customer-facing roles and directly to the customers to learn more about the way they use our platform. Creating the whole design system and implementing it into such a robust product is the most challenging task we have. I am glad that we have managed to build such a great team that is always up for a challenge.

I am working at Kentico since 2014. I started as a Support Engineer and just a year later Kentico offered me to focus specifically on content features of our digital experience platform. While I was solving our users issues, I was thinking that there must be a way how to prevent them from happening, so I shifted my focus towards the user experience. I simply asked Tadeáš Kubát whether he would hire me as a junior UX designer and fortunately, he did. It took me only few months to become regular designer and later, when Kentico split in two divisions, I have got the opportunity to become the UX Leader and to build my own team.

Why I love Kentico

I will be always grateful to Kentico that it gave me the opportunity to follow my UX dream. They could have told me "just go and learn something, then come back". But they took a chance on me, other UX designers mentored me and a lot of people helped me grow under the Kentico roof. There are no sharks in Kentico, everyone is trying to be nice and helpful. We understand that if one of us grows, then we grow as a team. Kentico is not just a job to me, I've made a lot of friends here and we get to spend some free time together as well. This company is simply free of corporate nonsense.