Lukáš Martinák

Vice President of Customer Success at Kontent by Kentico

Why I love Kentico

I admire the company culture we’ve built. We deeply care about our people and customers. Anyone can make a difference here; no matter your job title, the best idea wins. We don’t hide our failures; we share them openly and learn from our mistakes. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing my people grow and customers achieve outstanding results while being thankful to us. We experiment and iterate a lot; change is the only constant here, so I always have good challenges and complex problems to solve. Even after 14 years at Kentico, I never get bored.

My job at Kentico

I lead the Customer Success team at Kontent by Kentico. We help our customers succeed and get so much value that they want to invest more. Thanks to the support of Antonin Moravec and Petr Palas, I became one of the first Customer Success leaders in Europe back in 2015. They allowed me to bring ideas about improving Customer Experience to life, and I moved from leading Quality Assurance and Agile Testing to building a new Customer Success department. Over time, we’ve evolved from reactive email support to full-blown Customer Success guiding our customers towards their desired outcomes through Customer Success Management, Professional Services, Customer Education, and our top-notch Technical Support available via chat in the product.

My journey

I like being ahead of the curve. We were there with the Agile transformation of our Product Development and Quality Assurance teams more than ten years ago. Customer Education is not an afterthought in Product Development; it’s a substantial part of our Customer Success today. We‘ve introduced teams, roles, and practices very few people in the world ever heard of, and yet, it became a standard among successful SaaS companies in a few years. The teams like Customer Success Management, Developer Relations, and Revenue Operations are well-aligned with our business strategy. I love working with people on creating vision and strategy for these teams and driving those changes ahead.