Dominik Pintér

Managing Director at Kentico Xperience & Board Member at Kentico Software

I'm responsible for the overall results & strategy of our Xperience division. I lead our team towards the vision I'm passionate about and encourage our employees to always meet the needs of our customers and partners. Even if it means that we have to make an exception in our rules or go an extra mile to accomplish that. 

I'm so proud of the people I'm working with. Within a year, we started to build a completely new product based on our new long-term strategy, grew our ARR, and exceeded our sales plan. We've decided to invest in the Xperience division and recreated a product that has an incredibly bright future ahead. 

I started working for Kentico as a part-time tester in 2007 and then switched several technical and product job positions. In 2015, I decided to accept a new challenge working for SnapShot and later for Broadcom. But Kentico was still close to my heart. When Tonda Moravec and Petr Palas asked me in 2020 whether I would like to come back to Kentico as the VP of Product, I was thrilled. Since then, I built an ambitious product team, hired my successor, and accepted the biggest challenge so far—to become a Managing Director of Xperience.  

Why I love Kentico

What is truly special about Kentico are the company values. We treat people as human beings; we are transparent and there are no political games. We do truly cooperate, help each other and together we are trying to improve every aspect of our work. Petr Palas could have said: "Stop—no experiments anymore, let's settle with what we have and sell it." But that's not the way how Kentico works. We are always trying new things, new approaches, innovations. We don't settle for a standard. You never get bored with Kentico because we are never afraid to change things.