Bart Omlo

Managing Director at Kontent by Kentico & Board Member at Kentico Software

Why I love Kentico

I admire Kentico for keeping the dynamics you typically see in startups and scaleups. Nobody is afraid to roll up their sleeves. We have relatively young, but experienced management that generates a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Most of us would breathe for Kentico. I appreciate Petr Palas’s complete trust in me. He gives me my own space, which allows me to be completely honest with him and vice versa. That is a great part of our Kentico culture—anybody at any level can speak their mind. As long as it’s constructive feedback or insight, the others always listen. Thanks to the people, atmosphere, and work ethic we have at Kentico, we achieve remarkable things.

My job at Kentico

I am the Managing Director at Kontent, one of Kentico’s two product divisions. I lead my ambitious team towards our (sometimes audacious) goals, and I am responsible for the growth of the division. Thanks to our hard work, Kontent is growing at a rate of more than 100% year over year. As a member of Kentico Software’s Executive Team, I actively influence the direction Kentico will take in the future. As I always say, lead by example and empower your people—ownership and accountability are vital when you want to build trust among your colleagues.

My journey

I joined Kentico in 2015. My first assignment was to set up our Benelux office as a Sales Manager. I had already known Petr Palas for six years—we met in 2009 when we were both members of the European CMS Expert Group. Later on, he was searching for somebody to help him expand his Kentico operation. At that time, I was looking for a new challenge, so we quickly touched base. Firstly, I was the Head of Global Sales at Kontent, and later, when the company was divided into two product divisions, Petr offered me the position of Managing Director of Kontent by Kentico.