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Kentico 12

This roadmap outlines the scope of our next product release. This list is continuously updated through milestones that correspond to our development iterations. Ongoing milestones outline the MVP expected to be delivered during the current iteration, while planned milestones will be updated as new priorities are determined.

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Release Date

Released June 26, 2019.

Service Pack

Completed   A/B Testing for MVC

Marketers will be able to A/B test live pages on your MVC-powered websites and optimize them with ease.
The A/B testing will be as intuitive as the MVC Page Builder, so that marketers can run multiple A/B tests across the website, gather data, analyze it, and see quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Completed   Landing Pages for MVC

The Service Pack will give your marketers an easy way to create landing pages based on templates, adjust their appearance quickly with MVC Widgets, and go live with the latest campaign in minutes! 

Completed   Alternative URLs

With the Service Pack applied, your developers and marketers will be able to create such nice URLs directly in the administration interface with just a few clicks and keystrokes! 

Completed   Page and Media selector

Service Pack will include OOTB selectors for media files from media libraries and pages or a path inside the system.

Completed   New Form Component - Uploader


Kentico 12

Milestone #1

Completed   Widget-based visual page builder for MVC

A new, intuitive MVC widget-based visual page builder that will make it easy for marketers to create and compose content for the web. It's all about empowering users to become truly agile marketers delivering a better customer experience faster.

Completed   Inline editors for widgets in MVC

As widgets can be reused on several places, it is important for a Marketer to specify their properties, such as the text or image to be displayed, or the number of articles listed by the widget. With inline editors, Marketers can adjust how widgets behave directly within the visual context of the page, and without the need to go complex configuration dialogs. Developers can create new inline editors to cover all scenarios.

Completed   Research: Enabling ASP.NET MVC Core development

This is a very important first step on our way to support ASP.NET Core MVC application development on Kentico platform. We are going to conduct research to identify the parts of the architecture that need to be transitioned first to enable ASP.NET Core MVC app development. We expect to use the gathered information to prepare a set of best practices on how the .NET Core MVC app development can be conducted with the current state of architecture. Moreover, this information will be used to identify the next steps of the transition.

Completed   E-commerce business API

Kentico 12 comes with much easier and simpler to use e-commerce API for shopping cart actions.

Completed   Redesigned MVC API and NuGet distribution

The MVC API got centralized into the Admin side of Kentico EMS with only strictly MVC related API left in the NuGet package.

Milestone #2

Completed   Allowed widgets in MVC

Developers can control which widgets can be selected and used for a specific widget zone. This ensures visual consistency accross layouts and pages. This also makes it much easier for marketers to add widgets to their page designs.

Completed   Page builder sections for MVC

Sections allow marketers to define column layout for the widget zones.

Completed   MVC installer

Installing new instances of the MVC sample project or adding MVC projects into existing instances gets easier with an automated installation wizard.

Completed   MVC support in the Free edition

Full MVC support becomes available for projects of all sizes, including projects running on the Free edition.

Completed   LinkedIn OAuth 2.0

The LinkedIn API will be updated to leverage OAuth 2.0 for authentication. OAuth 1.0 will no longer be supported.

Completed   Maxmind GeoIP2

Kentico 12 supports GeoIP2 database as MaxMind no longer provides access to GeoIP Legacy databases with new purchases.

Completed   Online forms for MVC

Kentico 12 brings the drag & drop support of the Form builder to MVC projects. This feature will allow marketers to create and publish online forms easily from the administration interface, without requiring a developer.

Milestone #3

Completed   Smart forms for MVC

Marketers often need to publish compact online forms to increase the number of form submissions, while at the same time try to gather all the necessary data which can only be collected via longer interfaces. This can result in forms less likely to be completed. Smart forms allow marketers to create progressive forms, collecting user information incrementally as they progress through each step. This will allow marketers to collect large amounts of data, while keeping their forms compact.

Completed   MVC widgets personalization

To be more effective in generating and converting leads and reaching their goals, marketers can personalize content displayed by widgets without assistance from developers. Marketers can create new widget variants based on different options such as Persona, Country, or Device type. Developers can register additional personalization condition types, as needed.

Postponed   .NET Standard 2.0

Technologies like ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, MVC 5 and .NET Standard are all important parts of Kentico's technology future. In Kentico 12, we want to provide .NET Standard assemblies as a NuGet package. Development teams can use these assemblies in their .NET Standard and .NET Core applications. They can also use them to create custom .NET Standard libraries or ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET Core MVC applications connected with Kentico. 

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