GDPR Compliance and Your CMS

With GDPR being in effect since May 25, 2018, compliance is not an option but an obligation with expensive consequences. However, having a GDPR-savvy CMS not only makes it easier to comply with the new privacy regulations but means that you will be left with more reliable customer data, which could result in better marketing results.

The GDPR Challenge for Content Management

Since May 25, 2018, GDPR has been in the effect. And for all companies that sell services or goods to EU citizens or monitor their online behavior, you need to know what GDPR means to you or risk paying fines of up to €20M. In this whitepaper written by Tim Walters of The Content Advisory, you will gain an understanding about the challenges and opportunities GDPR brings for roles associated with content management and digital experience.

GDPR, Your CMS, and You

Since May 25, 2018, GDPR has become a very real fact. And for all businesses that sell services or goods to EU citizens or monitor their online behavior, it is time to sit up and take action or risk paying €20M. To assist you in navigating these tricky waters, we have compiled this handy guide to help you put GDPR compliance right at the heart of your technology stack.

How Digital Agencies Stay Successful

Bigger deals, better projects, long-term success, are these really things that can be learned? Download this whitepaper and discover from the best in your industry what it takes to make it in the digital agency world.

Growth Hacking: Not Just for Startups

How do companies such as Dropbox and Amazon have such runaway success? Short answer: growth hacking. If you’re wondering what exactly that is and how you can make it work for you, you’ll find the answers in this whitepaper.

The Four Key Checklists for Choosing Your CMS Solution

A content management system (CMS) is the backbone of your company’s web presence. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task, but this whitepaper is here to help you navigate to the best choice for you and your business.

Omni-Channel Marketing for Customer‑Driven Interaction

Is your marketing plan focused on customer demands or marketer efficiency? Consumers do not want static messages across all platforms. They need meaningful engagement with your brand as they move through the sales cycle. If you keep giving them the same content every time, they’ll leave and take their money with them. Omni-channel marketing is an effective technique for interacting with your customers in the meaningful way they demand. 

Remarkable Customer Experience

Modern consumers are jaded by the sheer volume of messaging content they face in their daily lives. They turn off if the message they receive isn’t tailored to their needs. If your message is static and unchanging, they will tune your message out and won’t buy. Content Personalization is the only effective way to reach these modern consumers. 

Customers Need a Human Touch in Digital Marketing

Are you sure you’re really speaking to your customers? Advances in technology allow marketers to produce targeted campaigns and communication but can lack a human feel. This turns customers off and drives away sales. Human to Human Marketing turns these same tools on their head, helping you reach customers with a message that resonates with who they are. 

5 ways to optimize your digital campaigns

Are you sure you understand your customers, their needs and desires? Customers change over time; their behavior and consequently their buyer’s journey is affected by many factors that turn up as the market changes, which can cause unexpected complications in your business. Are you ready to tackle them?

How the right CXM solutions deliver better customer experiences

As Sun Tzu once said, know thy enemy; in this day and age, however, it’s even more important to know thy customer. It’s a fact: your customer is the single most important factor for your company’s success.

6 factors for choosing digital marketing tools

6 crucial factors to consider when choosing the right solution for your multichannel marketing success. This whitepaper takes a look at the big question: all-in-one versus best-of-breed. Which comes out on top in delivering a holistic experience to your users?

Email Marketing for Success

Do you want to maximize the value of each email you send? Be able to measure the success of each campaign? Engage your customers with highly relevant content? Simply put, are you ready for boosted conversions and revenue?

Marketing Automation for Success

For most companies today, customers are driving the buying process more and more. Particularly for B2B companies, the buying process frequently is a complex and long journey that requires the right management and nurturing.  Marketing also has the growing responsibility of attracting new customers and helping convert more leads into sales. Marketing Automation platforms enable Marketers to create and manage customer interactions with greater speed and customization. Smart marketers have been turning to Marketing Automation as a new way to shepherd customer engagement opportunities more successfully and lead to improved sales outcomes.

Lead Scoring for Success

A company’s website is still one of the most important sales and marketing tools for attracting new customers. A major priority for Marketers is a continuous flow of high quality leads to pass on to Sales. Often only a small percentage of leads are deemed sales-ready, while the remaining leads are frequently left to languish. To remedy the situation, Marketers are turning to lead scoring to rank customer interest shown for company products and the customer fit to buyer personas and target markets.

8 Crucial Online Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Are you using these 8 success-critical tools in your marketing activities? If not, then you’re missing out on leveraging the latest in visitor engagement, lead nurturing and customer conversion. Used together, you can turn your website into a sales and marketing powerhouse!

Reasons to Choose Kentico EMS Over Hubspot
The Hubspot software is not for everyone. An excellent all-in one product to consider is Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution. This whitepaper provides a breakdown of four different areas where Hubspot falls to Kentico’s EMS - features, price, integration considerations, and search engine optimization.
Maximizing Interactive Marketing ROI with Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution
This white paper provides a description of the features and benefits of Kentico's Enterprise Marketing Solution (Kentico EMS) – an innovative new product line that extends the latest version of Kentico's Content Management System, Kentico CMS 6.
Marketing Optimization: How Kentico Partners Can Help Their Customers Make More Money
In this white paper, you will learn how you can help your customers make more money with their website by making incremental improvements.
The Definitive Guide to Critical Campaign Metrics
Marketing is evolving. Engaging customers and prospects is no longer a single channel, one-way communication. Marketers must engage more deeply and communicate in multiple ways. However, simply engaging is no longer enough. Marketers must be able to track and measure the quantitative impact of their efforts.
The Definitive Guide to the Cloud and Kentico CMS
Cloud computing is a broad industry term that describes a wide range of services and components. As with any other major development in technology, many vendors have started to push the terms Cloud and Cloud computing. Unfortunately, they may be using it for product and deployment options that sit outside of the generally-accepted definition. In order to understand the value of the Cloud, it’s important to first understand the types of available Cloud services. This allows organizations to choose where, when, and how they use Cloud computing.
Understanding the ROI of Marketing Automation
Over the past decade, marketing professionals have seen their field change substantially thanks to advances in technology and the ever-increasing use of social media. Keeping up with marketing tasks in this new environment of constant connection can be extremely difficult. This juggling act might be tough, but it's simply the day-to-day reality for many marketing pros. Marketing automation has emerged as a solution for company leaders who want to focus on generating leads without sacrificing other types of marketing campaigns. For many sales professionals, automation systems provide the best way possible to pare down leads and focus on the prospects most likely to buy. But before you can decide if a marketing automation system is right for your company, you need to know more about automation and its return on investment (ROI).
The Value of Content Staging
This white paper explores how organizations can leverage the Kentico CMS content staging module to implement innovative solutions for managing content in a process centric manner that meets their unique needs.
Kentico CMS Security White Paper
We at Kentico recognize website security as a crucial aspect of our platform. We want to help our clients build a highly secure Web Content Management System, so we prepared a document for developers, which describes how to write secure code.
How to Select a Web Content Management System
Most large organisations need a Web Content Management System (WCMS). Regardless of the
technical abilities of a company’s in-house teams, gone are the days where having a static HTML
website is good enough.
How Kentico CMS Drives Qualified Traffic to your Web Site
It’s been said that a website should be your cheapest salesperson—an always on, 24/7/365, one-stop resource about your company, available products or services, competitive positioning, and enough tailored calls-to-action to persuade a visitor to express interest. No human can come close to providing these services. But how do you get your website to do this? It starts with traffic.
How Kentico CMS Makes SEO Easy
Learn how Kentico CMS makes search engine optimization (SEO) easy, and gives you the tools you need to maintain excellent search engine rankings.
Content Staging with Kentico CMS 7
This whitepaper explores the features, design and best practices for utilizing the Kentico CMS content staging module. This document focuses exclusively on content staging and does not provide an in-depth analysis of other Kentico CMS features or the Kentico CMS platform, except where necessary to provide context.
Best Practices for Responsive Design
With mobile browsing at an all time high and new devices being released each day, responsive web design has become a hot topic in the digital world. Responsive web design is the concept of designing and developing a website with flexible layouts that adapt according to your user’s device and actions. No more chasing devices – just one website, created to deliver an optimized experience on any device.

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