Ars Logica Compass Guide - Kentico CMS 5.5 R2

"Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a product that demonstrates respectable functionality across the range of core WCM features. The product’s main differentiator is its bargain pricing, as Kentico CMS for ASP.NET outperforms everything else on the market within two to three times its price.", Tony White, Ars Logica

The Ars Logica Compass Guide™ to Web Content Management is a comprehensive evaluation designed to help potential buyers of WCM technologies review and identify the software best suited to their needs. 

Recently, Kentico CMS 5.5 R2 was evaluated by this report:

"Key Strengths of Kentico: Bargain pricing, ease of integration with SharePoint, excellent support for Visual Studio 2010, good customer service."

"Ars Logica applauds the vendor’s 2008-2010 efforts, and we expect Kentico to fare well in 2011-2012 as a result of these (and subsequent) initiatives. We believe that the product could currently justify a significantly higher price tag, and we therefore advise clients in the short-term to consider the product as a value-laden alternative to other .NET-based CMS solutions. We do not expect this under-pricing to last forever."

"Kentico often provides an agreeable (re)starting point for those abandoning failed attempts at using SharePoint as an enterprise CMS."

"Kentico CMS should be considered by enterprises seeking the highest function-to-dollar ratio in the sub-$50k range."
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