Content Locking

When creating content in teams, it may happen that multiple users want to edit the same content at the same time. To avoid concurrent editing and overwriting of someone else's changes, Kentico comes with content locking support. It allows your editors to check out content before editing so that it is not available for editing by other users until it is checked back in.
 Content locking buttons used to perform check-in and check-out of documents.

Simple Check-out/Check-in

A document can be locked for editing (checked out) directly in the document editing interface, using just one click. After editing, another single click is all that's needed to check the document back in and make it available to other users.

Integration with Workflow

Content locking can be enabled globally or it can be used just with a particular workflow, where it is only enabled for documents in its workflow scope.

Adding Comments and Setting Version Number

When a content editor finishes their content editing and wants to check the document back in, she can also:

  • set a custom number for the new version, regardless of the previous version numbers
  • leave a comment with the version for other users to know what changes were made

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