Buy X, Get Y Discounts

So it’s no surprise that customers like getting free stuff. And if you’re going to compete for online dollars, you’ll have to get with the program. Offering Buy X, get Y discounts can attract new customers, increase sales, boost brand loyalty and reputation, and spread brand awareness.

The built-in, easy-to-use Buy X, get Y feature in the Kentico E-Commerce Solution enables you to define and create the perfect cross-selling promotions to boost customer numbers and sales.

Your customers, your discounts

Sell more with multi-buy offers like “Buy 3, get cheapest free” or “Buy 1, get 1 half price”. Or offer freebies with certain purchases with “Buy a T-shirt, get matching socks free” promotions.

You can easily define the duration of the offer, setting automatic start and finish times, and can limit the number of times the offer can be applied within a given order.

Targeted discounts

Not only does Kentico help you get more Buy X, get Y free discounts to more customers by enabling coupon generation for easy distribution, but also enables the targeting of particular groups of customers (e.g. all users, registered users only, specific roles) with specific discounts.

Relevant offers enhance the customer experience and breed brand loyalty – your most valuable asset.

Easy sales-boosting tools

Knock the spots off your competition with desirable and profit-boosting Buy X, get Y discounts. Attract new and old customers with amazing deals and get a reputation for great value.

Like with all Kentico solutions, the E-commerce interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so that you can get on with boosting customer loyalty and sales, and not fiddling with complicated back-end paraphernalia.

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