Compare for Kentico

Take the fear out of Kentico deployments. You can utilize Compare for Kentico to see what differences exist between your development and production sites, highlight the changes that matter, and be confident in knowing exactly which objects you need to deploy. Ultimately, once your deployment plan is complete, you can then deploy those differences with the click of a button.

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 Compare for Kentico

Know What Is Different

Compare for Kentico allows you to see differences in real time across two different Kentico installations. You will no longer be surprised by changes occurring in the target environment that previously you would have been unaware of. Compare will help you get those changes back into your development/release pipeline.

Compare for Kentico is a custom module developed to compare visually:

  • Kentico objects (page templates, page types, etc.)
  • Code files and images in the filesystem
  • Page content
  • Database views and stored procedures
  • And much more...

Deployment with a Click of a Button

We leverage and extend Kentico’s excellent Content Staging feature to be able to deploy changes securely across environments. Compare for Kentico’s deployment wizard capability allows you to deploy your website updates from one installation to another without even having to log into the target site.

Certified for K11 only.  Update and certification for K12 in progress.

We're named a Strong Performer in the Q4 2018
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