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GDPR Masterclass

Since May 25, 2018, if you sell goods or services to anybody in the EU or monitor their website behavior, GDPR affects you. With fines of up to €20M or 4% of your annual turnover, you need to be GDPR compliant. Here are two useful resources that you can choose based on your GDPR knowledge level.


New to GDPR? No problem. Our whitepaper gives you all the info you need to grasp the essentials and get up to speed quickly. You’ll have a good understanding of what GDPR means to you in no time at all.
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Already familiar with GDPR but need to know more? Then our eBook is the perfect way to show you how a GDPR-savvy CMS can become an integral part of your tech stack and make GDPR compliance easier.
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Download our whitepaper and get a complete overview of what GDPR is, how it functions to protect individuals’ rights, and, more importantly, what it means to businesses like yours.
You will learn about the challenges and opportunities for roles associated with content management and digital experience. You will also gain valuable knowledge about the most important concepts and provisions you need to know to survive GDPR and avoid unpleasant fines.

Educate Yourself About GDPR

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Deep Diver

As someone that already knows many of the essentials about GDPR, you need to take that knowledge and put it into action.
This eBook is a handy guide with actionable steps necessary to place GDPR compliance right at the heart of your technology stack. After reading this eBook, you will know: how to track GDPR consents for easier compliance; the steps to undertake to determine if you are bound by GDPR; GDPR compliance implementation; how to map your data flow successfully, and much more.

Put Your GDPR Know-how into Action