Site of the Year 2014

Site of the Year Global Winner 2014


Best E-commerce Site
Implemented by Ridgeway

Twinings ultimately needed a system that could be both flexible and functional, yet remain incredibly efficient for their small e-commerce team to use. Kentico offered not only content management, e-commerce, and marketing functionality integrated into one platform, but also worked with in-house systems for enterprise resource planning and delivery of sales. Twinings is the perfect example of how Kentico is leading the way with the latest technology for e-commerce websites. Twinings are using the Enterprise Marketing Solution to offer a personalised and automated customer experience with timely and relevant marketing messages based on on-site behaviour to create engagement and loyalty. Together, Ridgeway and Kentico have achieved a digital experience that positions Twinings as experts in the premium tea market.

Best Business Services Site

Two Men and a Truck
Implemented by Create Studios

Two Men and a Truck needed a new site which was responsive and clearer in outlining company products and services. There were challenging aspects for Create Studios as Two Men and a Truck have many services with different quotation processes for each. Create Studios leveraged a number of in-built Kentico CMS features for the service quotation processes, and used a custom data model to meet Two Men’s needs. The new site doubled the number of enquiries, created a surge in the number of quality leads, and allowed the company to dramatically reduce its administration overhead.

Best Community/Social Media Site

SPAR Inspiration
Implemented by Clyral

The SPAR Group Ltd SA wanted a platform that could supply compelling, mobile-ready content to its customers. SPAR chose Kentico EMS not only for this project, for which it was ideally suited, but for all web sites within the organization. The main challenge for Clyral, SPAR’s preferred Kentico implementation partner, was to deliver on the artistic design brief while maintaining a high level of usability. Clyral employed a modular design approach to create a user interface that was engaging, would render well on mobile devices, and function as a Facebook tab. As a result of the implementation, SPAR Inspiration achieved an increase in brand awareness and user engagement on the platform and across Facebook channels.

Best Consumer Goods Site

Metricon Home Builders
Implemented by Get Started

Metricon, Australia's most trusted new home builder was looking for an engaging, responsive online presence that would surprise and delight its customers, and provide clear data based on customer demographic information. A significant challenge was the migration of existing data. Leveraging Kentico EMS, Get Started built a site that brought together responsive design, social integration, Google Maps integration, and PDF generation integration, while reducing content entry effort. This allowed customer self-segmentation and tailoring of experience based on region. Results have shown improved user engagement and have delivered increased conversions from online research through to new home sales.

Best Education Site

Deakin University Student Association
Implemented by Get Started

Deakin University’s Student Association required a highly mobile site that allowed the users to self-manage student clubs, and which integrated social media and e-commerce platforms, all while being easy to use. The DUSA wanted a licensed .Net CMS that had the features they needed, including the ability to develop a back-end portal with club management tools. Kentico was the obvious choice. Get Started used Kentico CMS to create a site on time and on budget, which delivers consistent branding across both print and digital mediums, actively engaging students online. Using this solution, back end processes, manually handling, and overheads were reduced significantly.

Best Financial Services Site

Audi Finance
Implemented by Adrenalin Media

Audi Financial services wanted a new site that broke out of the convention of their previous manufacture websites globally. Kentico was used for the VW Finance website in 2013 and is now the platform of choice for their other brand assets. The challenge for Adrenalin Media was to deliver an engaging site within Audi’s brand guidelines that had the ability to calculate vehicle drive away prices based on geolocation and government taxes. Adrenaline Media used Kentico CMS to meet this challenge. Audi Finance have heard great things from the manufacturer on the rollout of this site.

Best Food and Beverage Site

Mr Kipling
Implemented by Monochrome Ltd

Premier Foods needed to migrate from their existing CMS and redesign the website that had not been updated since 2008. Each product range needed individual themes and images across several layers. One of the challenges Monochrome faced when developing the responsive layouts was developing a grid that allowed imagery and fonts to scale proportionally and consistently across mobile and desktop browsers. Leveraging Kentico EMS 8.0’s document API and custom tables to store meta data related to social media and retrieve content, the new site has increased traffic by 80-100%.

Best Government and Municipal Site

Monteleone di Spoleto eventi
Implemented by KB Solutions

KB Solutions created the “Monteleone di Spoleto eventi” website in order to give to the municipality of Monteleone di Spoleto the right tools to communicate with its citizens. KB Solutions chose Kentico CMS because it had the tools to help KB Solutions and the municipality reach their communication goals. KB Solutions and Monteleone di Spoleto were very successful; producing a final website that is easy to navigate; even on mobile devices. The site is also full of information about the history of the municipality and about upcoming events in Monteleone di Spoleto; to drive citizen engagement in the town.

Best Healthcare Site

University of Rochester Medical Center
Implemented by URMC Web Services

The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) was looking for a new website design. Deploying a Responsive Web Design (RWD) that worked with all of URMC’s existing content was difficult. Instead of leveraging a pre-built solution like Bootstrap, UMRC built its own responsive solution from scratch; leveraging Kentico EMS for its .NET capabilities, value proposition, and strong support services. A major part of UMRC’s re-design used the LESS module in Kentico EMS, so that the new website can now reach audiences on any device. The team is working towards their next major goal: an upgrade to Kentico EMS 8.2.

Best Nonprofit Organization Site

The National MS Society
Implemented by DATA, Inc.

The major goal for the National MS Society’s site redevelopment was to make better use of all of the local content input by each of the chapters throughout the site, while providing a fully responsive dynamic and engaging experience. The challenges revolved around the massive scale of the site and the many access points for management. Leveraging categorization and geolocation tools from Kentico EMS, Data Inc., produced a website that is fully responsive and displays optimally for mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. The new generation of The National MS Society’s website received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Best Travel/Events Site

Amelia Island
Implemented by SilverTech, Inc.

The Amelia Island Tourist Development Council (AITDC) and SilverTech had two goals: heighten Amelia Island’s web presence and allow the organization to update their website quicker and easier. The main challenge SilverTech faced in the development of the Amelia Island website was the need to migrate and reorganize the client’s existing business database from the previous site. Choosing Kentico was an obvious choice for SilverTech, who leveraged the robust features of Kentico CMS 8.1 to implement a website that helped Amelia Island achieve its goals by attracting more visitors, becoming easy to update, and showcasing an attractive and beautiful design.

Best Mobile Site

Implemented by 4Hilton

DuoCircle required a turnkey solution including a new web site with a CMS to keep up with the ever changing content and design layout adjustments that came with a new business launch. The major challenge in this implementation was that DuoCircle needed a site within a single week. Leveraging Kentico CMS 8.1, 4Hilton built a modern site for DuoCircle’s brand launch to its large, recently acquired customer base. Kentico allowed 4Hilton to select the desired bootstrap layouts that suited the site requirements and browser/device requirements independent of the CMS.

Best Graphic Design

Oxfordshire Business Awards
Implemented by Ridgeway

The Oxfordshire Business Awards were looking for a website that offered a compelling and simple way for entrants and sponsors to manage their award submissions. Kentico CMS 8 was a perfect fit for the awards team as it was an easy-to-use content management system at an affordable cost. Ridgeway built the site using responsive design, creating an aesthetically stunning site that wasn’t compromised no matter on which device the site was viewed. A significant increase in engagement and entries on mobile and tablets further demonstrates the importance of a great design on mobile devices.

Special categories

Best Cloud Deployment

IMG Models
Implemented by Bit-Wizards

The goal of this project was to create a new online experience for the IMG Models brand. The new application needed to display models and their work for a world-wide audience and unify the IMG Models offices by providing a centralized, cloud-based solution for uploading and maintaining model media and required the collaboration of the several technical and business units spread across the globe. Bit-Wizards built a media manager in Kentico that leverages the Windows Azure CDN for fast content delivery and improved site performance.
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Best Integration

National Lottery Ireland
Implemented by i3 Digital Ltd

The National Lottery of Ireland (Premier Lotteries Ireland), required a new, scaleable load balanced web platform which also provided integration capabilities into a range of third party systems. The principal challenge was the need to deliver an extremely robust, secure, and scalable web platform by a pre-determined immovable delivery date. i3 Digital designed and developed a multi-tiered application with an abstracted Business Logic Layer and Enterprise Service Bus, which could be utilized to provide desktop and mobile websites, and feed a native mobile app in the future. The system was deployed in a highly scalable, multi-tiered infrastructure which could support both the performance and security requirements of the Irish Lottery and was delivered on-time.

Best Intranet

Translink Intranet (Joost)

Implemented by TrueLime

Translink needed to create a multifunctional, user-friendly, and social intranet that accommodated all corporate information with the ability to easily create workgroups. The major challenge was that the intranet needed a tile-based look and feel with horizontal scrolling where corporate information was easy to find. Leveraging Kentico, Truelime added a custom metadata set to existing objects, and created several custom content types, layouts, and widgets; making content easy to find using smart search features. The new Translink intranet has a modern design, and contains a large knowledgebase with corporate information that empowers workgroups.
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Best Kentico EMS Implementation

Księgarnia Świętego Wojciecha (Bookstore of St. Adalbert)
Implemented by Supremo

Drukarnia i księgarnia Świętego Wojciecha’s goal was to provide a rich collection of books, textbooks, and magazines to a wide audience. The main challenge was to create a modern mobile design, and implement an e-marketing strategy featuring marketing automation, lead scoring, and personalization. Supremo used Kentico EMS 8.1 and the RWD layout to allow the site’s customers to receive a truly mobile experience. Supremo believes the e-commerce module is its biggest success; achieving a real-time order/stock synchronization. In the website's first month of going live; transactions, revenue, and the number of page views exceeded expectations by 250%.

Best Migration

Move and Improve
Implemented by Lighthouse Web Solutions

The site was created to help Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems' (EMHS) member organizations and their surrounding communities to better track and live a healthy lifestyle. The biggest challenge was moving from Ektron, a system that had several years of invested time in it. Leveraging many of Kentico CMS’s features, including the ability to create many custom tables to store the user data that is logged by the site user; Lighthouse Web Solutions successfully migrated this site to Kentico, and provided EMHS with a fresh looking site that is much more user friendly.

Largest Site

The National MS Society
Implemented by DATA, Inc.

The major goal for the National MS Society’s site redevelopment was to make better use of all of the local content input by each of the chapters throughout the site, while providing a fully responsive dynamic and engaging experience. The challenges revolved around the massive scale of the site and the many access points for management. Leveraging categorization and geolocation tools from Kentico EMS, Data Inc., produced a website that is fully responsive and displays optimally for mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. The new generation of The National MS Society’s website received an overwhelmingly positive response.

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About Contest

The annual Kentico Site of the Year contest seeks out the best Kentico CMS and EMS implementations and chooses the top three from each category to be put to the public vote. Finalists are then announced in March and the site with the most votes overall is named Kentico Site of the Year.

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