Logotypes and Graphics


Kentico color:
CMYK 0-80-100-0
RGB 240-90-34 (#f05a22)
Pantone 166 C
Pantone 166 U

Looking for partner logotypes?

You can access all partner logos and achievement badges in Partner portal. Should you have any trouble finding them, please contact us at partners@kentico.com.

Kentico screenshots

Powered by Kentico link:

Kentico CMS Free Edition allows you to build commercial or personal sites for free. You get a license that never expires, without hidden fees. You are, however, required to place a “Powered by Kentico CMS” “no-follow” link pointing to http://www.kentico.com in the footer of every page running on Kentico. Please be aware that there's no technical support for the CMS Free Edition, but you can use Kentico Devnet community to get help.

Gartner report
We're a Challenger again in the
Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM!