Kentico Top 10 Websites for March 2018

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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Although our Site of the Year 2017 contest is embedded in our minds, we continue to keep an eye on projects that deserve to be in our Top 10 listing. This month, we have chosen carefully, from projects that care about spiritual well-being to more rational ones—from the financial and environmental sectors.

Adventist Risk Management®, Inc.

Implemented by Discover IT, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Adventist Risk Management®, Inc. is the official insurance and risk management company for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Adventist ministries around the world. The aim of the new website was clear, reach out to all regional markets—domestic and international. The content had to be customized based on region and translated into multiple languages. Visitors can view the content that is relevant to them based on their location and language preference. The integration with their Active Directory enables users to log in using their AD credentials. This was achieved with the use of the Kentico Active Directory Import Utility, which was used to import existing users into the website.

Implemented by Bluesoft, Czech Republic
Kentico Gold Partner

Aspena’s goal is not only to deliver successful solutions in translation, interpretation services, proofreading, and professional dubbing but also to do it in 426 language combinations. This would not be possible without their 70 employees together with 4,000 translators, interpreters, and other linguistic specialists. Aspena has been in the market since 1995 and they have seven branch offices in four countries. Their new website needed to reflect all this. To satisfy a broad range of clients, the website has four language variants—Czech, English, German, and Slovak. The website was finished in six weeks and content filling took four weeks.

Bellwether Farm

Implemented by thunder::tech, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio oversees the 95 parishes, churches, and facilities in the northern half of the state, including Bellwether Farm, a camp, retreat, and working farm located far west of Cleveland. They wanted a user-friendly system to manage their website. It was crucial to provide them with a system that could natively hit a wide array of use cases for events, content, programs, integrations, and eventually e-commerce. To Bellwether Farm, Kentico means reliability and accountability. It’s important that Kentico is a flexible framework for content control, permissions, and workflows. Novice web administrators can use it intuitively and also look forward to expanded features when needed.

Colubris Cleantech

Implemented by Frontis B.V., Netherlands
Kentico Bronze Partner

Colubris Cleantech provides solutions for complex environmental issues involving wastewater, waste recycling, and bioresources. Colubris Cleantech is a new name for different companies (Redox, Schneider, K-Pack, and UCY) with the same owner, but they all work together. The goal of this project was to join them into one corporate identity with a strong brand name. In contrast to multiple websites based on various CMSs, it was necessary to maintain website content in one place. The new website helps them to promote the new brand identity. Kentico ensures Colubris Cleantech are ready for their future online plans.


Genesis Energy

Implemented by Kudos Web, New Zealand
Kentico Gold Partner

Whether it’s for electricity, solar, or gas, Genesis Energy has been chosen by half a million New Zealanders. A new brand position and a far more experience-centric approach is the result of a complete website re-design and a migration from Liferay. User experience is supported by a completely new navigation and site structure. A key focus was to allow the client to update the site, as opposed to the code level control previously required. By leveraging customized Kentico widgets, huge flexibility has been created to allow client-side digital managers to create new pages and site areas easily, as well as modify and control the site.


Implemented by A.K.A. New Media Inc., Canada
Kentico Gold Partner

In 2006, identifying a true need in the industry, and through partnering with its leading not-for-profit clients, A.K.A New Media launched raisin with one goal; to create the world’s best online fundraising tool. Today, raisin continues to fulfill its promise with an ongoing commitment to excellence in innovation, and ongoing pursuit to continually be more mobile, more open, and more social, thanks to the 2018 relaunch of raisin’s suite of powerful online fundraising modules (General Donation, Peer-to-Peer, and Ticketing).

Silver Spoon

Implemented by Ridgeway, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Being a key sugar and sweetener supplier in the UK, the aim was to achieve a visual website that captures the essence of their brand and showcases the range of sweetening choices that Silver Spoon offer. To accomplish this, Ridgeway used their design expertise to create pages of high-quality imagery aimed at captivating website visitors and creating seamless user journeys. Silver Spoon uses the Kentico MVC platform to improve the performance of the site. Ridgeway used page relationships via the ‘Pages’ form control to allow pages to be built by components. This extension to the Kentico MVC platform allows the editor to implement unique narratives.


Implemented by 9thWonder, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Tilson is a technology and telecommunications services company with offices around the US. As they were experiencing rapid growth, they wanted their online presence to better reflect the level of innovation and expertise shown in their large-scale projects. Tilson’s previous website could only be updated by the IT department but, now, their marketing department can update the website thanks to Kentico’s flexibility and ease of use. Admins’ life is much easier due, especially, to the utilization of Kentico widgets, as they can add or remove virtually any widget to/from any page, select theme colors, add photos or not, lay out one, two, or three columns, and easily create and customize new pages and articles.

Union Bank & Trust

Implemented by ZAG Interactive, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Union Bank & Trust needed a new website to better communicate their story, product offerings, and its commitment to the community while offering sophisticated technology and scalability as the bank grows. Since visitors to pages are at different sales funnel stages, the design needed to cater to a variety of audience needs. Additionally, the information architecture needed to focus on visitor needs, while working with many internal organizational demands. Another business goal was to track site activity more efficiently in order to make more informed business and marketing decisions. Following the redesign, time spent on pages increased by 39% and bounce rate decreased by 42%.

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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