A Fresh Coat of Paint for Kentico Cloud's Interface

By Amy Strada in Cloud
·1 min read

In the coming days, Kentico Cloud will be rolling out some long overdue changes in the app's interface. A fresh coat of paint, if you will. So what kind of changes have been made, and why? Read on…

Out with the Blue, In with the New

When we started Kentico Cloud, our bright blue color scheme worked for us. It was striking, eye-catching, and fresh. But we always knew a time would come when we would outgrow that blue — we wanted to do better.

After some research and testing, it was clear our interface needed a bit of polishing. It’s true that, once or twice, we heard that our interface bore too much resemblance to some other tools. That was a good starting point for us, but we found we had hit the limitations of our design.

For our color revamp, we settled on a few different shades of soft white and gray, with a handful of bold accents.

A YOU-First Approach

The few bold accents that remain in the interface are there to help you focus on the important stuff — your content. The sleeker visuals also mean it’s easier for you to write and create in Kentico Cloud.

Don’t spend any more time than you need on working through your content. The new interface highlights the most important things for you and your process. That means better accessibility and usability.

Something Bigger This Way Comes

"Why now?", you might ask. Well, the cat’s out of the bag — you might want to keep your eyes on Kentico Cloud in the coming days. These interface changes are just the beginning!

By Amy Strada in Cloud
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