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Blog post • Feb 272020

Kentico Xperience scores three new badges and remains in G2's Top 10 for Web Content Management Software

Yvette Hastings

Kentico Xperience is in the Top 10 for Web Content Management Software and has been awarded three new badges on G2, the business software comparison website based on user ratings and social data.

Businesses worldwide can use G2 to discover and review the technology they need across every facet of their organization, and that goes for digital experience platforms that offer robust web content management (WCM) capabilities, too. 

Much to our delight, Kentico Xperience continues to be recognized in the G2 Grid® for Web Content Management and features as one of the highest-rated and easy-to-use products in the Top 10 for Web Content Management Software. Not only that, we recently bagged a three-badge win in the WCM category:

You can check out our G2 profile here.

The voice of the customer

It's not as easy as 1,2,3 to be awarded a winner in G2's category for WCM. G2's methodology is based on unbiased user satisfaction reviews (covering features, pricing, and usability) from their global community, combined with data from online sources and social networks. To be included in the WCM category, Kentico Xperience must:

  • Provide web-based editing and publishing capabilities for text, image, audio, and video files
  • Offer templates for content creation
  • Allow collaboration and approval for content creation

Feedback is integral to everything that we do, and gaining positive recognition from real, verified users is the icing on the cake. We know we wouldn't even be on the WCM grid and certainly couldn't have been awarded a winner for WCM by G2 without our users, so thank you to all of you that have taken the time to submit a review. 

Your input matters

In a world where creating engaging digital experiences is everything, seeing what others have to say when choosing a new solution is a must for every decision maker. That's why your unbiased user review could go a long way. If you use our product and haven't yet shared your opinion, why not help those in their quest for finding a digital experience platform that's right for them by leaving us a review on G2