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Event • Oct 282020

Kentico Xperience Connections. Virtual Edition

2020 has been a year of great change for all of us—including Kentico. After turning Kentico Connections into a virtual event, renaming our CMS/EMS product, releasing a new brand, and preparing two new websites, we still have some energy to share one more Kentico innovation: 

Kentico Connections are becoming Kentico Xperience Connections.

Yes, you guessed it—we‘re making Connections all about our landmark product, Kentico Xperience!

In recent years, we sometimes struggled to find enough time in our Connections program to cover everything awesome about both products. After some deep thinking over the past months, we decided that each Kentico product—Xperience and Kontent—deserved its own show.

Don’t worry! You’ll still get to hear the latest news and the future direction of Kentico, which includes both Xperience and Kontent, in the keynote. The rest of the program, however, will put Xperience in the spotlight

Kentico Kontent will organize its own one-day virtual event later in the year. 

We will be bringing you more details about both events soon.