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News • Mar 172021

Kentico Xperience 13 Refresh 1 is here, delivering the future of DXP today

Matej Stefanik
VP Product at Kentico Xperience

It’s official; Kentico Xperience 13 Refresh 1 has landed and we're thrilled to announce it! The award-winning, fully integrated digital experience platform is welcoming its historically first Refresh, that once again strengthens its position amongst market-leaders and brings greater value to the customers and partners. The first of four planned Refreshes includes many valuable additions that will boost our users’ digital transformation whilst maintaining a seamless adoption of the upgraded features.

Seamless upgrades to deliver value faster 

In October, Kentico Xperience launched its version 13, in which ASP.NET Core MVC became the primary option for writing new projects, as well as the recommended best practice. Leveraging the full potential of this modern development method, it was a clear step forward on the journey to growing a future-proof product. 

While every major product upgrade brings a myriad of technical enhancements to increase its efficiency, it also represents a challenge for the customers when it comes to its adoption. Our goal is to keep adding new functionalities to make businesses’ digital communication even more powerful, without having to face the challenges of the long and laborious release cycles. 

To prevent any breaking changes in the future whilst keeping the innovation-momentum going, we’ve remodeled the concept of the upcoming release cycles, stepping on our way to making them significantly shorter. Instead of launching new versions of the product on a yearly basis, as was the case in the past years, we’ll be extending functionalities and adding new features within Kentico Xperience 13 approximately every 3 months. These shorter release cycles will be called Refreshes, and the future vision is to eventually make them increasingly shorter, which would gradually remove any further versioning of the product. 

Future-proof product to help businesses excel at digital communication 

Within Kentico Xperience 13, we’re looking to launch a total number of four Refreshes. Refresh 1 comes bearing a host of modern technologies and advanced methods, that both the technical and business audiences will appreciate. Let us walk you through some of its highlights and zoom in on what you will benefit from. 

.NET Core Debug 

The .NET Core technology remains one of the main innovation focus points for Kentico Xperience as it follows trends in building modern websites. Being aware of the importance of leveraging this future-proof technology, we keep expanding new functionalities within .NET Core. Therefore, we’ve added a new feature to make developing on it easier and more efficient. This built-in debug tool will enable an easier debugging of running websites, as now you’ll be able to see SQL queries of your live site in the Debug application. 

Content Personalization using Recombee AI 

Artificial intelligence is a fascinating trend, perfectly representing the course of future technology. As a true sign of building a timeless product, Kentico Xperience added an integration with Recombee. It is now possible to leverage the power of AI and machine learning in automating content personalization. It is an equally powerful alternative to the classical content personalization using Personas that will help you display most relevant content for your users. Algorithm-based solutions do not require regular updates and provide better accuracy without the risk of human error. 

Bynder Selector

This clever integration with digital asset management system Bynder enables users to utilize the same media sources for all possible purposes. It opens a new, simplified option for working with media in structured content. Content editors can now upload their images directly from Bynder, as an alternative to using Media Library or a direct upload. Once uploaded in Bynder, images can be used in Kentico Xperience without the need of duplicating them. It’s especially helpful when using the same type of media sources for your website, as well as for any printed materials. 

New Search Index  

We have improved the already existing concept of Search in Kentico Xperience to make the content used on websites more available. A new, combined, index allows web administrators to simply search through both structured data and fulltext on the page. These two combinable approaches are developed in a way to support Azure search, enabling developers to create just one search index for all the content types. Thanks to this flexible approach, it becomes a much easier task for customers to find the content they need. 

Other added features include 

  • Cache Tag Helper – a technical feature that will increase performance of a website ran on Kentico Xperience 13, by solving cache dependencies. 
  • Object Selector – a technical component that enables any Kentico Xperience objects to be selected and used as part of the widgets' configuration. 
  • Legitimate interest activity logging – a technical feature that gives you better oversight of visitors’ consent for tracking of their activity. For instance, visitors who fill in a form, on which the request for consent is included, won’t be prompted to enable any other tracking, whilst retaining the same level of peerless security. 

Leverage the full potential of Kentico Xperience 13 

Keeping in mind that Refresh 1 is only the first one of four Refreshes planned for Kentico Xperience 13, we can certainly say that there is lots to look forward to in 2021. The following Refreshes are coming in June, September, and December, slowly but steadily paving the way for the next chapter of Kentico Xperience’s ongoing development—Odyssey. This codename stands for the next generation of our DXP, as opposed to its new version. In this new concept, additions will be integrated more frequently, securing an even more seamless transition that feels completely natural to our users. 

Are you interested in learning more? You can talk to an expert who will walk you through how Kentico Xperience 13 will help you improve your business results.